How to make bee wax of Japanese honeybees

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After pressing Combs to take honey, I get a lot of honey-pomace.
It contains bee-wax. 
Now, I derive bee-wax from honey-pomace.
First, boil water and honey-pomace in a large pan.
The melt point of bee-wax is about 65 degrees Celsius.
Because water is heavier than bee-wax, bee-wax floats.
A Metal mesh is used to let garbage go down.
Bee-wax is used for many purposes.
You can make candles, hand creams, lip balm, and so on.
Shut off the heat and wait for setting of bee-wax.
This peace is about 2 kg.
I melt it again, filter it, and mold it into several forms.

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  1. 最近、こちらのチャンネルがきっかけで日本みつばち養蜂を始めました。古い週末養蜂チャンネルから見直していますよ。まゆさんの問いかけが無くて違うチャンネルみたいですけど、コレはコレでいい感じです。👍✨🐝

  2. hi i was wondering if i can do that in singapore, maybe start a reservation prog. at school and intro this idea to save those bees since the habitat in singapore are shrinking due to housing 🙁

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