How To Make A Macrame Wall Hanging Dreamcatcher With Feathers Tutorial

Learn how to make a Macrame Wall Hanging Dreamcatcher with feathers. In this tutorial, I show you how to make a boho style Macrame Wall Hanging. This 100% cotton rope dreamcatcher makes for stylish home decor and includes a decorative agate slice and feather trim.

This design uses four main macrame knots:
Lark’s Head knot (to attach the rope to the driftwood)
Square knot (for the diamond shape)
Diagonal Double Half Hitch knot (for the ‘V’ shapes)
and a Gathering Wrap knot (to secure the feathers onto the ends)

Macrame Wall Hangings are really simple to make once you get the hang of the knots and they give your home an extra hygge touch.

For This DIY I Used:
– 3 mm Thick Macrame Cotton Rope [Michaels –]
– Crystal [Michaels –]
– Feathers [Dressew in Vancouver – but you can buy feathers from any craft store]
– 12 Inch Driftwood
– Scissors & measuring tape

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Music Used:
TITLE: These Moments
ARTIST: Nicolai Heidlas
CC BY License (3.0)

29 Replies to “How To Make A Macrame Wall Hanging Dreamcatcher With Feathers Tutorial”

  1. When I do the firstrow of double hitch half knots the lead rope ends up so short that I can barely reach the center. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Help!

  2. Excellent & gorgeous, wooow! Gonna work hard & playful to make me one of those, thank you so much

  3. can someone tell me what thickness of rope they used? cant really tell in video what size she used. thanks

  4. Your tutorials are excellent and this piece is lovely!
    If I just want a 35cm long triangle with the same knots but short fringes, how long should each strand be? I’m new at this and am finding it difficult to determine the length and amount of cord. Thanks.

  5. So beautifully done. I’m gonna do this 👍👍👍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  6. Hey, can you please tell me how many metres were used totally?? Please I require it for my college project and I loved this project!

  7. parabéns! é lindo tudo! e você ensina e dá pra entender muito bem. obrigada por compartilhar

  8. Bonjour et merci pour ton super tuto.
    Ton macramé à suspendre est très joli. Quel diamètre de fil de coton utiliser pour une première ?

  9. Wow, this is so good. Going to make one by this tutorial. Think this video tutorial really should join the online yarn art wall decor contest on Your work are awesome. They deserve some awards.

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