How to Make Chilaquiles

This Chilaquiles recipe is a delicious Mexican breakfast consisting of homemade fried corn tortillas tossed in a red sauce and topped with all your favorite toppings. It is full of flavor and uses pantry-friendly ingredients, so you can quickly whip it up anytime a craving hits! It is a hearty and filling meal that everyone loves!




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  1. You just made chips with salsa. Chilaquiles are supposed to be cooked with the salsa until they almost melt in your mouth. This is and entirely different experience of flavor and texture. Plus, you can eat them with your fork instead of getting yourself covered with salsa and salsa splatters when hard chips fall off your fork or slip from your fingers.

  2. I’m hungry. ❤????
    I grew up with tomatillo and dry chillis sauce.
    Now I’m more into the green sauce chilaquiles.
    I had never seen these but definitely trying them out

  3. John I can’t believe you can make chilaquiles, they look so delicious and the recipe is very much authentic. Thank you for having such variety, I enjoy every one of your videos. I’m impressed !!! ⭐️⭐️

  4. Brian Lagerstrom just published a video on this earlier today. Seems a bit sus that yours comes out just a mere few hours afterwards…

  5. 1:19 Ancho Chiles are spicy . Guajillos are best. You don’t have to chop the onion it will be blended you can cut it into quarter size pieces.
    3:49 don’t add salt instead add chicken bouillon for more flavor
    8:44 Crema oaxaqueña is THE best with chilaquiles but if you can’t find it just use daisy but whip it with some salt to thin it out
    John did an amazing job I just thought I would share some of the tips that I tell all my non Hispanic friends when they ask me how to make them.

  6. Adoro suas receitas e também a sua risada. O senhor é tão divertido. Saudações do Brasil ????????!!!????

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