How to make pickles (OGÓRKI MAŁOSOLNE)

How to make lightly salted pickle. Also called just lightly salted cucumber. It has leaves for flavour and cucumbers are put in saltwater very easy.
These are usually called brined pickles in some countries.

1. cut ends off small cucumbers.
2. boil enough water to fill containers where you put cucumbers later.
salt the water. i put 2 tbsp for each liter of water. more is also good. you can taste the water as you boil it.
3. put cucumbers into jar with the leaves.
4. once water boils, wait for it to cool down a bit, maybe 10 minutes.
5. pour hot water on top of pickles in jar. water should cover everything.
6. wait at least 24h.
7. enjoy.
optional: you can use hot peppers or spices to your own liking.

1L water
2tbsp salt
10 small cucumbers
4 blackcurrant leaves
2 grape leaves
1 horseradish leaf
1 dill umbel

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19 Replies to “How to make pickles (OGÓRKI MAŁOSOLNE)”

  1. Great video! That part of a plant, we call the umbel in english. But most people would just use the word 'dill' for any part of the dill plant.

  2. that is really and i mean REALLY insane low amount of salt, usually we use pickling salt or coarse salt and at least 10 times what he did add, there should be enough salt to make u catch high blood pressure, also we let it ferment for like 3 to 4 days outside the fridge.
    also, that is really low amount of water, the water should reach the lid or the cucumber will dry out and u should add more after after 24 hours for the water that was absorbed by the cucumbers, and that explains why i keep the tips on to avoind the pickles getting very watery.

  3. videos' editing is too spastic imo, i feel like boris should just take more time for each video instead of churning them out so quickly

  4. What's stopping us from adding all sorts of spices? hot mexican spices for example

  5. Never seen anyone cut the ends off, or using a blackcurrant leaf

  6. Boris: "Americans must be very good at fractions."

    Me: <laughs in public education system and unmanaged dyscalculia>

  7. The inclusion of black currant leaves, though contributing to taste, is not practical in some US states due to numerous statewide bans (the plant is considered a threat to the logging industry).

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