How to Make Pottery Bowls — From Start to Finish

In this week’s video I’m making a deep bowl from beginning to end. I’ll begin with lumps of soft clay and I’ll take you right through to the end, through glazing, firing and the final bit of sanding the base undergoes. Thanks so much for watching as always and if you have any further comments or questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’d like to catch up on my latest series about throwing pots you can find the third part here:

0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Preparing the weighed out clay, (1 lb, 453 grams)
1:21 – Throwing the bowl
4:28 – Trimming the bowl
8:30 – Comparing the forms of the bowls
9:00 – Packing the electric kiln for a bisque firing to 1000ºc
10:19 – Unpacking the electric kiln
11:09 – Preparing the wax
12:10 – Waxing the bowls
13:09 – Glazing the bowls
14:05 – Cleaning the glazed bowls prior to packing them into the gas kiln
15:50 – Packing the Rohde KG-340 gas kiln
18:24 – Firing the gas kiln
20:28 – An example of these glazes if they oxidise
22:17 – Unpacking the gas kiln
23:43 – Sanding the bowls bases
24:07 – Examples of fired bowls

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16 Replies to “How to Make Pottery Bowls — From Start to Finish”

  1. sundays are always made better knowing there will be a new gently presented and wonderfully insightful video for me to watch 🙂

  2. I love watching your videos. Your voice is so soft and your work is amazing. Thanks for share:)

  3. The white glaze looks beautiful, I wonder if they could look even better with the effect on the edge like the greens because the greater contrast between colours. Great video as always.

  4. I just made a few bowls right before the semester ended, and they were super hard for me to make, with their shape and the tall feet that I trimmed for them

  5. The dried glaze can become air born when you clean it with your fingers and the knive. Don't you wear a mask to protect yourself?

  6. 8:53 that would be a cool moonjar-esque vessel if you attached 2 near identical bowls together and trimmed out the base of one of them as the opening. The foot that you trim would be an interesting shape for a rim

  7. So fascinated by the craftsmanship in your work. Thank you for these extremely well done videos, your way of teaching has helped me so much!

  8. I've never thrown a single pot, but can't help by find myself mesmerized by your videos. I found your channel a few months ago and binged every single video on the channel and look forward to each new upload. Thanks for what you do!

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