How to Make Royal Icing

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It’s easy to make your own royal icing that you can use to make flowers, rosettes and other decorations. Also in this video, you will learn how to make the right consistency of royal icing that’s good for brush embroidery and for flooding cookies.

3 tbsp of Meringue Powder:
4 cups of confectioners’ sugar
5 tbsp of warm mater

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Royal Icing Consistencies:
How to Color Icing:
How to Store Icing:

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17 Replies to “How to Make Royal Icing”

  1. Thank you for this Wilton. I love decorating cookies with icing but I don't like using store bought cookie icing. I can't wait to try it out. p.s Your products are amazing and helping me to become a future baker. I ❤ Wilton.

  2. How come my flowers harden a little but still soft. I leave it overnight but the next day it became glossy and came to its very soft texture ???? whats wrong i did all the same procedure and ingredients ????

  3. What was missing, for me, is a bit more information on the texture of the finished icing. Stirring/ moving with a spatula or even giving it a good old poke would have given me an idea. Mine has turned out super stiff and I'm going to have to go elsewhere to see how stiff is "too stiff".

  4. Hello, thank you for this video, very useful. And what about the recipe with egg?

  5. Hi i am pure vegetarian,so can not use eggss,so how much icing sugar or normal powdered sugar can be used,if i skip Wilton meringue powder totally.

  6. I made this icing and I really need to look up your video on how to make flowers and which tips to use. Mine turned out horrible lol

  7. Hi There, I am having real problems with my cookie decorating. The first of my problems is that my icing keeps getting stuck and not coming out of the tip (this is in my No2 Wilton tips) when i am outlining it keeps stopping therefore making a mess as i have to keep starting again.
    The second of my problems is that when I have flooded and used the scribe tool, i am still getting lumpy looking cookies, but the lumps are underneath. Just to note, I did sift my royal icing sugar. Please help ! Claire

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