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  1. My real name is Timoor. Timoor was a Greece king also known as the ruler of Greece. My name dictates power????

  2. Now you’re speaking my language! ????
    It’s also what in biblical speak we say as to why we can bless or curse with our words and why science has already proven the power of vibration sound and the intention that vibes from the heart that can destroy matter like plants or even water, let alone people that are composed of technically both.
    So if words have been proven to impact matter, how much more can be a repeated word… aka a “name”… ????????????????

  3. I feel like Robb and Catlyn Stark don’t get enough heat for how they treated Theon, and how his betrayal is largely on them. Robb constantly reminding Theon he is no Stark and Bran is not his brother, and Catlyn saying things like “Never trust a Greyjoy.” Imagine growing up in that environment.

  4. I think it was less about what his identity was and more about him being accepted by others

  5. This a good video, I'm one of the many people who had their names changed as a child to save parents being embarrassed about having a child with a different surname. I changed it back to my name now, as soon as I legally could. Some people ask my why I changed my name. My answer is that I didn't , my parents changed it without my permission.

  6. Oh to come back and listen to the end with the full knowledge that Jon Snow being a Targaryen meant absolutely nothing in the way of his story at all ????
    Amazing video though as always!

  7. Sign of excellent writing, starting with loathing Thean to watching what Ramsey did to him, then for him to go full circle , the show has lots of great arcs like theon, eg Jamie, arya Bronn the list goes on

  8. how I was born don't define me, what I did in the past don't define me, but what I wi do that is going to define me. thanks for this video and inspiring me all the time

  9. Power has nothing to do with names, who you are or what you are. Power is inside you and independent from others, thirdparties etc.

  10. So explain why i claim myself to be lazy specifically to drive myself to be the opposite. i tell myself and others that i am lazy constantly yet nearly always preform like an overachieving workaholic. i despise and loathe laziness and by extension those who are lazy. Whether it be laziness in action, in thought or intent, it is utterly detestable,. Or am i the thing that i hate and “doth protest to much”? However, it is stated in Scripture, proverbs 18:21 “Life and death is in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” So yes, words do bring things to fruition because, people speak what they believe and act in accordance with those beliefs. Scripture also tells us that if one wants to be wise, then one should be around wise people but, one who is around fools will be a fool.

  11. I am hard working.
    I am confident with myself. I used to be shy but not anymore.
    I also get what I want.
    I influence other people wthout problem.
    I am disciplined.
    I am good enough to create something new.

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  13. Best to use "I Am" affirmations as you're falling asleep. Subconscious picks it up. Do that consistently for 30 days and see how things change ????

  14. The only thing I didn’t like about Theon’s arc was the end where he just charges into the night king. He could have just waited by his side and defended Bran as long as he could. Maybe he wdve even be saved by Arya

  15. I read the title as “The Most Powerful Psychological Face” I blame the thumbnail…

  16. I am now nameless, I have صفي as my birth name and I've been using Reina since early teenager. I said, I don't have any name, it doesn't feels right to use any word to identify myself, but if you call Sophie, Reina or Elousie, I'll still answer on reflect.

    I live with Borderline personality disorder, thus it's so hard to pick up even a single trait to be my identity, it's hazy, I can't see myself. All I can do is see my reflection on my actions.

    I know fav color is purple, I love art, and be alive around nature. But that's all I know about myself.

    I've been taking space from the name Reina after I find out that my family's narcissistic. Reina means queen, and for years it've been a symbol for me to seizing my power, more like a token of my rebellion to my birth name, a rebellion to feeling of powerless my father gave me my entire life. I Am The Queen.

    But then I don't want it anymore. I don't wanted to be him. If being powerful could means to put other people be powerless like what I've always been, I don't want it.

    By Elousie I meant illusion, it feels nice. I'm often dissociate and it feels like my daily life is not even real. It could be an illusion.

    I'm also found another meaning of the name Reina, it's Japanese and means wise. Perhaps I could use my birth name, sophie with it's meaning on Greece, wise, instead of Arabic means smooth.

    I personally don't think I'm wise, but what's wise without power? Just being wise for myself? I won't going to decide anything big.

    For now I don't really feels like having a name. Identity is very complicated for me.

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