How to Ice a Cake the Easy Way Using Tip No. 789

Learn how to quickly and easily ice an entire cake using tip No. 789. More tips, tools and tutorials listed below.

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Using tip no. 789, aka the cake icer is a great way to add an even layer of icing without worrying about getting crumbs in your icing.

– Buttercream Icing:

– Cake board:
– Tilt and Turn Ultra Cake Turntable:
– 16 in. Featherweight or Disposable Decorating Bag:
– Cake Icer Decorating Tip 789:
– 13 in. Angled Spatula:

– You will need a 16 in. decorating bag to fit this larger decorating tip.
– For easier smoothing, it may help to dip the spatula into hot water, wipe dry and glide it across the entire surface.
– Another way to smooth the icing is to set the cake aside and allow the icing to lightly set up for about 15 minutes before decorating. Lay Parchment Paper on the iced cake top and gently smooth with the palm of your hand.

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27 Replies to “How to Ice a Cake the Easy Way Using Tip No. 789”

  1. Honestly, I would expect a better cake decorating technique demonstration. Dissapointing presentation, specially coming from a company specialised in the subject and so well known as Wilton. I have seen several decorating videos by Wilton, and I am not that impressed at all. Sorry if I have bothered anyone, it is my opinion.

  2. I recently started using this tip and it works amazingly, no more crums and uneven frosting

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  4. Wilton I forgot what the thing is called, but the cake set on top of it and it spun around. Can you tell me eBay it is called

  5. It's probably been done but…… If you made the top removable, to wash, and put a variable speed reversible motor in the base to turn the top.  You would have both hands available to do the work.  You can see in the video that every time she stops there is a little divot in the frosting.  If the cake was turning with a motor it would be easier to be smooth and consistent.

  6. I am icing challenged, so I use this tip when icing my cakes. It makes it fast and easy. Love the icing tip. Thank you for sharing. Love Wilton products and tutorials.

  7. I live in Ireland Meath and I can't find any Wilton products any advice where I can find some ????

  8. I use this tip to crumb coat all the time, just do a thin layer all around and it makes crumb coating so easy. Love Wilton!!

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