How to make Sachertorte ザッハトルテの作り方 #shorts #asmr #cooking


May the cacao be with you ! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) ♪
I love Chocolate cake !

The coating became thicker.
It is difficult to make a real sachertorte.

[Sacher Dough]
3 : Eggs
100g : Sugar
60g : Unsalted butter
60g : Cake flour
65g : Chocolate 67%
50g : Apricot jam

[Apricot Jam coating]
250g : Apricot jam
50g : Sugar
50g : Water

[Sacher coating]
130g : Chocolate 67%
150g : Sugar
70g : Water

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  1. You usually download videos every two days but in between two weeks you have not downloaded any videos why ,,,,????????

  2. 私にチョコかけてほしい!だいぶ太めのキャットウーマン、、、的な何かになれる?っかな

  3. Hi man, you should make "torta sette veli" which is a sicilian chocolate cake, i'm very curious about your version !

  4. 영어를 읽을 순 없었지만 모양으로 정체를 알 수 있었다. 자허토르테…

  5. ザッハトルテ作る時、あんずジャム売ってなかったらいつもりんごジャム使ってる。

  6. 僕もカズさんの動画見てザッハトルテ作りました。分かりやすくていいです。

  7. 久しぶりの投稿だ〜〜!!

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