How To Make The Creamiest Butter Chicken

Move over takeout! Kanchan is here to teach you how to make rich and creamy Butter Chicken at home. Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani, is believed to originate from a restaurant trying to use up leftover tandoori chicken. The butter and cream ensures the chicken doesn’t try out and the aromatic spices keep you coming back for more. Watch for her favorite recipe of this classic Northern Indian dish.


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Pita Bread, Arabian Bread, Syrian Bread, Arab Khubz, Indian Flat Bread in Tandoor
imagefactory/Getty Images
Putting on chicken skewers into a tandoori in Delhi, India
Imazins/Getty Images
Roasted Tandoori chicken in a tandoor in Delhi, India
Imazins/Getty Images

24 Replies to “How To Make The Creamiest Butter Chicken”

  1. Hi everyone watching this video, does anyone know how much amount to put for example kilo gram, grams or Oz. Please Help??

  2. Try "pallipalayam chicken gravy" it is alternative to butter chicken in southern india, but good for sensitive stomach, i bet butter chicken will give stomach trouble for Westerns, and most Indian housold wont make butter chicken regularly (it is restaurant food)

  3. I just threw 2 pieces of lamb into a dal dish .. boil.
    Done in 20 mins + Yoghurt salad = heaven.
    Indian dishes are .. heaven.
    God bless india.

  4. Sauce – Butter, oil, cumin seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, bay leaf, cloves, green chilly, turmeric, Saute, add onion and then garlic ginger paste, saute, add cumin and red chilli powder, paprika, ground coriander then tomato sauce, cashews cook until soft, put in blender with some water, back go pot, add small bit of sugar and butter, add chicken back in, cook till ready and add some cream.

  5. WOW just made this yesterday & it came out excellent my parents loved it! I used store-bought seasonings rather than fresh seasonings. Next time I will use fresh seasonings to see the difference however with store bought seasoned it is good but like the video says double up on it! I did exactly what the video said for everything and you want to make sure that the cashews do get soft!! That is the key . Other than that I would advise if you are making this for a lot of people use a lot of chicken because some of the chicken shrinks , as well as use a lot of tomato sauce I used two really small cans because that is all I had but I would probably recommend using a 30 ounce tomato sauce can that should do you good enough but definitely the more chicken the better! PS she wasn’t lying when she said your kitchen will smell amazing lol

  6. I do Doordash to help build my emergency fund and I’ve been picking up orders from an Indian restaurant lol ????. I’ve probably delivered 15 orders of butter chicken in one month! I was very curious to taste it but wanted to know the ingredients. I’m going back to that restaurant tomorrow to try it for the first time. I hope it taste as good as this looks. I didn’t even know what butter chicken looked like lol ????. I just know my SUV smelled good!

  7. I had no cashews, so I used almonds instead. The family loved it, but next time I'll plan ahead and get the cashews.

  8. In india we prefer fresh vegetables than canned stuff. You should have gone for fresh tomatoes ????

  9. What are the names of the seasonings @55 seconds ? If I wanted to buy the seasonings rather than do it freshly .

  10. I ate at an authentic Indian restaurant for the first time in my life. I’m not joking when I say my mind was blown. It was the most delicious, lively, colorful and vibrant tastes layered, each spice level was a beautiful experience all combining to a beautiful symphony for my taste buds. I now know what having your mind blown feels like. I felt like crying because I had never experienced such a beautiful experience with food. Now I am hungry for more experiences with authentic cuisine from around the world to experience. I had not realized how starved for experience with different cultural foods I was and I’m so thankful my introduction was so special at that Indian restaurant. Not only was the food an amazing experience for my mouth, the staff was so kind, wonderful hosts and they were so intuitive. You barely had to ask for anything as they already anticipated your needs. It truly was a special memory and I am so thankful for it. I am hoping that I can try to bring some of that desire into action in my own kitchen in the mean time and hence the YouTube search. I also have promised that I would raise my young children to be raised experiencing more foods from around the world so they don’t have to wait till their 38 to have the experiences for themselves. ❤

  11. I'm writing this comment while eating the best butter chicken in this whole world ???????? will always come back to this recipe ❤????

  12. Why everyone misses this thing – always use red onions for butter chicken, white onion is no no

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