25 Small Things with a Secret Purpose

You use it every day but it was hiding a secret purpose this whole time! Common objects have hidden purposes you never knew about until now. Like how to peel a banana (it’s not how you’ve been doing it!), a secret message hiding in your deck of cards, and even your favorite juice box you’ve loved your whole life: there was a straw the whole time! I searched the latest TikTok videos and viral clips and found hidden purposes in common objects and myths we all believed that actually aren’t true. Check it out!

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28 Replies to “25 Small Things with a Secret Purpose”

  1. Hey there, BrightSider! Which of these secrets hidden in common objects surprised you the most? ????

  2. U said a wrong fact sudan in a part of egypt and dont correct me ive been in egypt since the 18s

  3. i am from sudan i swear and i know that we have pyramids
    thanks bright side for making our history again thank you very much

  4. And Olympicgold medals or not silver they’re still gold????and silver???? and bronze???? they on the bright???? side that’s OK phrase

  5. Next week on "Painfully Obvious Tips" Were going to show you why you shouldn't touch fire.
    Is there anyone in the universe who DIDN'T know most of these?
    If so, I've got a great deal on used submarine screen doors. Most only used once. Skype me we'll do virtual lunch sometime. ????

  6. The nail file one is not true I have one I tried peeling there was no other nail file

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