That's Why Your Cat Loves Sinks and Boxes

Are you a ‘cat person’ and keep wondering what your cat’s unusual behavior really means? Why does it keep hiding in boxes, loves lying on your head and face and enjoys drinking water right from the faucet? Even though cats were domesticated many centuries ago, there’s a lot in their behavior that remains a mystery. And often we keep wondering if our feline’s actions show surprise or affection or even hostility. Let’s learn more about our fluffy friends!

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0:00 Why cats lick you
0:35 Why cats bite you
1:13 What a cat’s low meow means
1:30 Why cats won’t eat their food
2:04 Why cats claw furniture
2:24 Why cats keep their mouths open
2:40 Why your cat sleeps on you
3:08 Why cats knead
3:22 Why cats bump their head on you
3:39 Why cats get the zoomies
4:00 Why cats ignore you when you call them
4:32 Why cats lay on your keyboard
5:00 Why cats twitch their ears
5:23 What a cat’s tail movements mean
5:59 Why cats chew on plants and other things
6:14 Why cats push stuff off surfaces
6:38 Why cats follow you to the bathroom
7:04 Why cats lie in the sink
7:24 Why cats love boxes so much

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12 Replies to “That's Why Your Cat Loves Sinks and Boxes”

  1. Now I understand exactly why cats don’t like water it’s because they do not need that type of bath

  2. You don't have to tell me kittens are crazy then the older cats ???? my two are very different ages and the kitten is mad the other cat just sleeps all day ????????????????

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