How to Pipe Buttercream Ruffles

Learn how to pipe crepe-like buttercream ruffles

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Get printable instructions for the Peony Crepe Cake here :

• Buttercream Icing:

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29 Replies to “How to Pipe Buttercream Ruffles”

  1. Hello, please brand and model of the horn the mouthpiece will be played with? Your work is very beautiful????????????

  2. Nice video! Subcribed your chanel, Hope you will subcribe me back ^^…

  3. I think i might try that too because i think i would do a pretty good job on this

  4. gracias por informarnos como manejar las mangar pasteleras y el buttercream pero si ae pudiera tambien en español mejor por yo y otras personas habla espana no logramos bien los objetivos de entender los consejos muchas gracias de nuevos vivo en españa y no hablo ingles

  5. Can you make a video or tell me here decribing the difference and uses for all different types of cake like pound cake and regular cake and stacking cake and all the different kind of cake you know about. Some cakes are very crumbly when others are more dense and firm and easy to carve. Help!

  6. Hello there,

    I live in Germany and would soon travel to New York.
    Have you perhaps a branch there, where I can find and buy all your products?

    About an answer I would be very happy.

  7. This looks so good!!! Whenever I see these videos all I want to do is make cake!!!!!!

  8. Hi
    My name is shawna sanders and i like your videos about cake decorating. im am a cake decorator myself but i need help on everything? can you help me ? im also have a hard time piping out some of your icings. please call me at 970-333-8041
    shawna sanders

  9. The ruffles look like a dress…very pretty, Wilton!

  10. It's so easy and quick! Love it! ???????????????? can you do a tutorial on how to ice a square cake please? I'm having trouble with the edges and corners

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