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Break in your baseball glove with these tips and you’ll have a sweet pocket in no time. FYI: Glove is from Leather Head Sports (

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24 Replies to “How to Break in a Baseball Glove | The Art of Manliness”

  1. In all 20 years of playing softball, I never used water to break in my glove. Until I played professionally in Japan did I learn how to properly break in a glove, and they would die watching this video lol. In my early years, I used Barbisol (had to have Lanolin) and massaged it sparingly into the palm and pocket, and did the same with the mallet and strap (always with the ball in the pocket). When I didn't have a mallet I would ratchet that glove up with the ball in the pocket and threw it with force on the ground as if it was a med ball— desperate measures. The Japanese use Glove Conditioner and they always store the glove during games standing up- I got mercilessly yelled at for my lack of care for my glove. Like anything breaking in a glove takes time, and is especially tough with little ones because they aren't going to be able to go out and catch a pitchers fastballs to break it in!

  2. DONT TIE UP A GLOVE, it makes it a pancake and it gets all floppy, just pound the pocket and web, and flare it out in the pinkie and thumb

  3. If you are an infielder, I recommend not to put a ball in and wrap it up as is forms the glove closed and makes it much harder to field grounders

  4. One of my good coaches told me to put a ball in the pocket and put it under my mattress after u steam it btw u could use 2 or more balls

  5. I'm not an expert on this subjet. Totally a newbie, however I've used other leather items like for example leather cases to carry thermo bottles, belts for strapping straight shavers, etc. In my humble opinion, the only thing I wouldn't do from the steps showed on this video, would be to wet the glove. Leather tends to harden in water, and yes, I know this is intended to shape the glove to fit the ball according to how your hand bends tightening the glove, however I think this coul not give you the desired result. The rubber hammer, on the other hand, as well as leaving the ball in the glove and store it under your matress as somebody else commented, sound as great ideas to me. In my case I started by using second hand gloves I bought at flea markets, so I hadn't to break in those gloves. So, again, not trying to sound smart here, just trying to give you my point of view. Regards.

  6. Rawlings oil and hammering the pocket with the end of a bat or sledge seems to work well for us – Nice and supple after a little use. Quality vid.

  7. I work for a major glove company and honestly these are some of the worst ideas possible for a glove.

  8. Don't tie the glove up if your and infielder. It will create a deep pocket which makes it hard to find the ball on double plays. Also don't steam the glove it damages the leather

  9. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!
    When you put water on a glove it ruins the leather. Also look at how this dude throws. He looks like he is 5 years old trying to throw

  10. Don't take advice from someone who doesn't know how to properly throw a baseball ????

  11. For anyone complained or criticizing that the water method doesn't work, yes it does. It's called hot water treatment, and it's meant for leather gloves. If your globe isn't real leather, sucks for you. But don't talk crap about the video.

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