26 Replies to “What is the best vegetable for testing the sharpness of your knife?”

  1. We use knifes so dull they have trouble cutting the bottom of the cheesecake 🙂

  2. i love using all kinds of things, that way i get to know the knife on a personal level, especially how its feeling

  3. There is also a lesson to be learned here about the microserrations of the edge. There is nothing sharper than a sashimi knife but it would actually have a hard time biting into the skin of a tomato.

  4. Sorry, can you repeat that? I was mesmerized by your eyes and missed everything.

  5. I found bell peppers to be a good indicater if your edge is sharp, the second your edge is slightly dull ans you try to cut a bell pepper on the skin it won't slice it'll rather hack through

  6. Bread is pretty good to see sharpness, I think. If you cut bread straight down without it getting squashed, then the knife is pretty effing sharp.

  7. the other reason why testing your knife edge on a tomato, as a professional cook, is that it doesnt matter, almost whatsoever. if your knife is too sharp youll need to resharpen that edge CONSTANTLY. just learn how to use a knife properly. a sharper knife gets dull way quicker than a duller knife

  8. You know it's a good knife when you can cut a tomato and
    a. You don't have a problem cutting the skin
    b. You don't get that slimy glob of seeds fall out

  9. I love candied yams , but I hate chopping sweet potatoes!! They are the devil… and hard as a brick.

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