How To Pour A Concrete Patio QUICK!

This DIY concrete patio pour is all about how to pour a concrete patio from start to finish. This concrete patio was poured QUICKLY with the help of MudMixer. This video will show the process of framing concrete forms, pouring concrete, and finishing concrete. Bring Your Own Tools (#BYOTools 190).

Tool List:
-Framing Hammer
-Wheel Barrel
-Bull Float
-Tape Measure
-6′ Level
-2′ Level

Apparel List:
-Georgia Boots:
-BYOT Shirt:
-Work Vest:

Material List:
-Wood Stakes:
-2x4x8′ Studs:

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Patio Cleanup
2:28 – Concrete Forms
6:35 – Pouring and Finishing Concrete

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12 Replies to “How To Pour A Concrete Patio QUICK!”

  1. That looks great ! I extended my driveway with concrete that I got delivered in a truck. I dug out the lawn, and put in wooden form work ( it was on a slope, so I was happy with the result ). I filled it with "hardcore" as we say where I'm from ( about 1 inch rock ), then compacted it. I ordered "Farmyard Grade" concrete ( it can take a heavier load ). So 3 tonnes of rock, and 3 tonnes of concrete. We had no idea what we were doing, so the concrete truck driver helped us to screed it. Then I edged it, and we drew a yard brush over it to create tiny ridges as grip lines ( we get frost ). Top Tip : Don't keep smoothing the surface too much or the water will rise to the surface, and when it dries, it might crack. Anyway, we kept weight off it for a week if I remember well, and it's perfect. It about 9 inches deep of concrete, with no rebar or breaks in a triangle about 4 metres on the long side. I'm very proud of it 🙂

  2. Removing forms probably going to be a pain, could have added some foam in-between so you would have some movement available

  3. So basically it's an add for the concrete mixed. You not doing it the easy way you just doing it the normal way for the country you living in.

  4. So.. you got a free tool.. but this does not seem like a true impartial test of the tool. Scott brown gets free tools.. and still says what he likes and does not like.. just because you get free tools does not mean you cant say pro and cons to the tool. this task felt like a big add for this tool

  5. since your using such long spikes did you need to do a utility locator service first?

  6. Is that form lumber oiled or coated with concrete form release agent? It'll be tough to pry those 2x4s out where they're wedged between the individual slabs. Might even have to bust out the jackhammer for tearing those out

  7. Rebar helps with shifting, settling and seismic movement. It's never a bad idea especially when pouring at greater depths.

  8. You shouldve bought like a 4 inch pvc tube and used it to get the further away forms like a long funnel :p instead of filling up the wheelbarrow each time and dumping it :p

  9. Great improvement already. Looking forward to seeing it busting out. Thanks for this.

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