How to remove a driveshaft hub nut without air tools

This is my first video with me in front of the camera – so please go easy.

Draper 30488 1.5 Tonne Scissor Jack

This video is a bit different from my usual films because as well as being a keen nature lover, I also have an interest in all things automotive – especially automotive servicing and repair.
This is just a quick ‘how to’ instructional for removing driveshaft hub nuts on a Citroen Xantia 1.9 turbo-diesel. The process is similar to many other makes and model of front wheel drive cars.
I’m hoping to video entire engine replacement process on a Xantia and then upload footage in a series of instructional videos. Even though I have worked on cars professionally these videos are designed for DIY fans who may only have access to conventional tools. However, if I demonstrate a ‘short cut’ it will only be an established safe method.
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Thanks for watching and a big hello to all my subscribers. I finally got my camera working with the computer.

29 Replies to “How to remove a driveshaft hub nut without air tools”

  1. And if that dont work?? Any idea what i could do. Nothing happen on my car and i need to change to new brake cylinders on my both rear wheels.

    But the nuts are stucked

  2. Worked like a charm. Used ALL 6 feet of the lever and most of my 190 lbs. This ensured the 35mm stayed on. Surprised the breaker bar survived.

  3. The mechanics and Physics are eminently sensible, but I would never advocate the use of a Breaker Bar for a task like that. Although the socket is strong, the bar is strong, the leverage gives phenomenal power, you are relying on the 2-3mm PIN in the uni joint to take the load, they break! It's probably why it's called a breaker bar. A sliding bar is a safer option and it will never let you down. A 4 spoke wheel brace with a pipe over the end works well too.

  4. Thanks a billion I'm going to try this method on my F150 they are torque to 295 foot pounds.

  5. Using a scissor jack is very clever idea. When I had to undo the nut, I had a deep socket which helped to keep breaker bar square. I have air tools now, it really makes such a job like a walk in a park.

  6. These are the things that should be thought by a father. Things I will teach my boy. You are the father of fatherless men everywhere.

  7. Don't forget,,,some nuts will have a "Stake" or dimple pressed into it holding from turning. Undo the STAKE first. Also, some older American cars could have REVERSE threaded axle nuts.

  8. Old video, but I think if you were to orient the bar and ratchet the other way so that you're pulling instead of pushing it would be easier. You could even use a secondary Jack to break the nut that way.

  9. Brilliant idea and got to see this video at right time. Am about to undo the hub nut and just google to know how to do it. ­čÖé

  10. I have been battling with removing the hub bolt on my 2014 Malibu for 3 hours now and after trying this method I had it off on the first turn of the socket. Genius idea, thanks for posting!

  11. For some reason Renault repair manual forbids undoing the hub nut while car is resting on it's wheels. I guess they just want to make things as difficult as possible

  12. Do you know what size socket I need to take the rear hub off an 05 plate Suzuki alto? Google is failing me

  13. You just saved my ass 2k miles from home. Thank god you posted this. Much appreciated

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