29 Replies to “How to remove a roof!”

  1. Lol try ripping off three layers or more off and most of the shingles are breaking apart as you tear off.

  2. Looked pretty dangerous, didn't even give the cleaning guy time to get back and he was overloaded with weight and no harness

  3. If is hot outside no need for that. Just pull the shingles from the opposite side they started laying them shingles . Start from bottom up. 10 minutes you tear off a whole side two people that easy.. work smart

  4. These guys will replace your entire roof in 45 minutes and not break a sweat

  5. Illusions are obviously amazing , not taking anything away from hard working people regardless of race , religion or color , a hard worker or workers are hard to come by , so carry on my roofing brothers , just an observation from another still active roofer . Lol

  6. I started off with pitchforks and hand nailing everything , these hard working Mexicans come to a 20 square job put down 5 square each in a day with guns , and everyone praises them , they aren't installing alot of square footage with guns and 8 other people .

  7. All these younger roofers act like what they are doing has never been done , I've been a roofer over 30 years easy , in my life starting out , if u could not rip off ,at least 6 square, ! clean up , carry all the material , and install it all by yourself in a days work which is 8 hrs plus ,by yourself u were not a roofer . These guys think they know .

  8. They work so hard but still get so much hate..specially frome so many Republicans ignorant and conservative Americans

  9. I got a flat tire from just one roofing nail on my commercial lawn mower. It cost me 2 days work and over $100 20 years ago.

  10. Roof appears to be in decent condition…relatively new because of OSB 4,8 sheets under architect shingles which also point to the new factor… listen lady…your roof is going to leak… special deal today and today only…MANOLO..GET THE LADDERS.

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