How to STOP Being Nervous & Awkward

In this video you learn how to stop being nervous and awkward. Are you nervous are girls or around your crush? These are very common things to experience, and it’s helpful to overcome shyness by following these simple and yet easy to understand points. Enjoy the video and check out the detailed sources below!


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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!

15 Replies to “How to STOP Being Nervous & Awkward”

  1. When l get nervous around people,l get uncomfortable, shy,embarrassed and stomach starting to hurt alittle bit.

  2. when I am nervous i puke, and thats not too good considering I have a soccer game tomorrow and I ate a lot today

  3. My anxiety is so so bad…i am nervous 24/7…soon as i wake up in the morning my mind melts…

  4. When I first I had my anxiety and I got awkward i felt like if I had anxiety I’d be dying no it does not mean that because when you or me thinking of someone or school I got very nervous about my school work but I always pass the test never fail I used to be so shy at school when I go home felt like didn’t study because I was so nervous if the teacher didn’t send any works for us so I decided to read some books ???? I had no good jokes or nothing to talk about but when I had my first anxiety I told my mom that I feel nervous I talked this about her reminder:I learned a lesson that never feel nervous or anxious just be strong and talk someone about your anxiety

  5. GUYS I just started sorta dating my guy friend who ofc now is like. My bf.. BUT he wants to meet on the weekend AND I'M FREAKING TF OUT LIKE I'M SO NERVOUS AND SCARED I'M SHAKING AND FOR WHAT HELP

  6. I have a girl I’ve been talking to for a couple weeks now and she’s coming over and I haven’t dated someone in a long time and holy shit I’m nervous

  7. If you are meeting someone new and your in a situation like that tell your self to see how it goes before telling your self that its gonna go badly and ur gonna fuck it up cos u never know who it will go and expect it not to go differently to how you have planned

  8. I cant express how much of a hell school is for me. Im tense 24/7 and randomly twitch because of it, everytime i try to calm down it gets worse and i feel very drained every single day. It doesnt help on how i have no friends to talk w in any classes as well and i cant make a basic human connection/interaction too. I hate myself so much because i cant be like others i just want to be normal

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