22 Replies to “How To Stop Looking Insecure In Conversation”

  1. Insecurity means one has put more effort into how "others" view them.. which is nonsensical because it doesn't help at all. So why be sad about how other people can view you but you could never know for sure. Where is the benefit?

  2. initial answers to the fill the blanks

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    2) want, really good piss
    3) pissing and stopping urself pissing
    4) piss
    5) pissing stories
    6) piss, stick
    7) 'i pissed myself face'

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  3. I literally do half of these and i thought i wasn’t a confident person
    I’m just shy and not that outspoken
    What should i do to help me speak my mind and not be such a people pleaser?

  4. "Since you're always acting like yourself anyways” umm you don't know what you're talking about.

  5. I don't know of I'm the only one here, but he snuck in a Tom Hanks in there and Pretended it was Tom Holland. You're not fooling anyone! We know the differences between people named Tom!

  6. that tiny spiderman is so adorable wow n childish (in a good way and full if light like a little child i mean ???????????????????????? so adorable little adult

  7. Hello Charisman on command ! ???? They should do an analysis of David Goggins and his style of charisma

  8. I teach myself to avoid ahh and uhh but if my brain wants to do some sound I just say hm or mm

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