how to find your shape tape™ concealer shade

Need help finding your perfect shape tape™ concealer shade? ???? Check out this video with some helpful tips on how to find your perfect match in seconds!

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19 Replies to “how to find your shape tape™ concealer shade”

  1. Y'all need light skin black girls. No one ever has light skin black girls. It's always white people with a spray tan and us light skin black girls with no tan suppose to go based off white people with a tan????. That's not even their true skin color cs it's a tan they sprayed on????.

  2. Looks nice. Buying it to my sisters birthday. Also other stuff. Not for me lel. This video was interesting aswell sweet. That instead of saying dark or black. You said rich, deep or sand. Wich is accurate, but uniqe with a fresh positive connotation. Environment and beauty. These small skits is always apricated. Good new year !

  3. Can u make shades for olive skinned people? But not only the deep complexions, the fair ones, like myself. We’re kinda left out on this part

  4. Hey ive been trying to buy products on ur website last couple of days and no matter what i try purchase it says mo! and i swapped products but as soon as i put my postal address in and then my country which is Irland Europe it says nope! But my friend in the UK can buy producys…could upu let me know the reason please. Many thanks

  5. I LOVE SHAPE TAPE CONCEALER TARTE IS MY FAVORITE FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER ♥️♥️♥️????????????????????totally recommend !????

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