Eating More Protein Would Do This To Your Body

There are so many reasons to eat protein. It’s great for gaining muscle, it’s great for dieting… but we get ahead of ourselves. Today, we’re going to explore the different reasons why YOU should eat more protein.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Protein Reduces Appetite And Hunger Levels – 0:37
2. Increase Muscle Mass And Strength – 2:15
3. It’s Good For Your Bones – 2:59
4. Reduces Cravings – 4:09
5. Boost Metabolism, Helps You Burn Fat Faster – 5:17
6. Protein Lowers Your Blood Pressure – 6:56
7. It Helps Maintain Weight Loss – 7:55
8. It Helps Your Body Repair Itself – 9:10
9. It Helps You Stay Fit As You Age –


1. Protein Reduces Appetite And Hunger Levels.
You might notice that as you try to lose weight, your body suddenly just craves more food and you just constantly want to eat. Funny how that happens, are we right? Well, we might just have the perfect remedy for that– protein.

2. Increase Muscle Mass And Strength.
We talked briefly about gaining muscle in the intro, but we’d like to dive a little more into depth about it if we could. This fact isn’t just universally accepted, it’s universally accepted BECAUSE it’s backed by science. Scientific outlets have done numerous studies linking protein to muscle gain. Similar studies have found that even during weight loss protein can make sure you don’t lose any of those precious, precious gains.

3. It’s Good For Your Bones.
Mr. T should’ve talked about protein as well as milk when he said: “it’s good for your bones.” Because, as a matter of fact, protein is great for your bones.

4. Reduces Cravings.
One of the worst parts of trying to lose weight is the cravings. You feel like the bad guys are constantly swarming around your head– fast food, easy microwavable dinners, sodas– oh god get them out of our minds! Ahem… sorry. Moving on.

5. Boost Metabolism, Helps You Burn Fat Faster.
As if protein wasn’t already great for weight loss, now we get this piece of information.

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  1. Is it okay to have a scope of protein twice or thrice a week even though someone not doing workout?

  2. Protein helps to keep your natural weight. People want to hear that Protein makes you lose weight which people want to hear but it is not true

  3. Not me taking to thinking that it will help me to gain weight with two days i went frm 78 to 67????????????

  4. I don’t understand it says protein will help your body gain weight now it says in this video it will help you lose weight? Uhmm what is the truth?

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