The Secret to Learning Licks! (INSTANT SUCCES)

We’re diving into learning licks! 6 steps to make the most out of it, are you doing it already?

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Gibson ES-335

Kemper amp (Playing my own profile)

0:00 What we’re learning
0:41 Step 1
1:45 Step 2
2:43 Step 3
3:51 Step 4
6:23 Step 5
9:00 Step 6

Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube.

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12 Replies to “The Secret to Learning Licks! (INSTANT SUCCES)”

  1. I so hate how Google is always undermining what you write. You think you've written something and then it corrects to the wrong words so frustrating

  2. What I find that know really tells you is how to sequence the notes. You can play the arpeggios, you play the scale, but what about an in-depth lesson between the chord tones and ways to play them in different note arrangements and more importantly the timings. I believe that's really the missing link between a good luck and an average one. Just good for thought lol.

  3. Hey Paul, I am just a novice and play the guitar "left-handed". All the chord formations and notes I play are NOT with my left hand. I wish someone could tell me why I am called "left-handed" and everyone who plays chords and notes with their left hand is "right-handed".

  4. I am an Indian and whenever I try to play something on my own I somehow always end up at that Indian tone with majors in between minors. And get out of touch if I am trying my hands on blues. It's so hard, your culture and the type of music you grew up with really influence your musical tone. I also add Arabic sounds because many Hindi songs use that sound. It's funny lol, my licks sound kinda Bollywood all the time ???????????? I have to think hard to make them sound kinda Bluesy like American sounding(how do I explain, uhh)

  5. Paul, I ve been practicing shapes and notes for months now and then I find this!! I was struggling with phrasing and now I am soooo pumped!!!!! I was a theory major in college so I am in heaven with guitar now (was a piano dude) thank you!!!!!

  6. I'm watching this video and something new just clicked in my head in terms of improvise soloing, and it isn't even something that really pertains to what you're talking about in this video. It's like an idea ???? popped into my head. On a side note it amazes me how you pull licks just out of the air. I usually play the same 10 stock licks that i always use. Thank you for making this video Paul. These videos are a great source of inspiration.

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