How to Style Natural Curls | Curly Hair Tutorial | Dominique Sachse

Lately, I’m letting my natural curl go wild, and you’re quick to notice! By request, I’m showing you how I style my naturally curly hair, fight frizz and hopefully help you rock your natural look!

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27 Replies to “How to Style Natural Curls | Curly Hair Tutorial | Dominique Sachse”

  1. Hi Dominique. I appreciate this video because I have the same type of hair as you. I do many if the techniques you do such as air drying but I still have issues with frizz on those humid days. Thank you for sharing your tips. ???‍♀️

  2. Great tutorial! I live in SC &decided not to fight my hair this summer. This video came at the perfect time. Just didn't know what products to try. So thank you?

  3. Did the "When is Menopause over" video get removed? I meant to watch it, but not able to find it. Thanks!

  4. I've hated my very curly hair for years, but have finally given into it, no more GHDs for me. It was a very well kept secret, all my friends thought I'd had a perm. I was born with dead straight hair which started to curl when I was six. I just spray it with water every morning and s crunch it up. with the GHDs it used to take an hour and a half to straighten as it is so thick.

  5. I love your natural curls! I have naturally wavy, lightly curly hair. I wore it naturally for several years throughout my 40s. But I found as I’ve aged (I’m 62) the texture of my hair changed some and I have so much less curl in the front than the back now. Also, my highlights basically removed what curl there was in the front. And after trying to work with it as curly for several months last year, I decided that with the changes to my face shape from aging, I just don’t like how I look with wavy/curly hair anymore. Since I live in humid Florida, I get keratin treatments to help me deal with the frizz. And I have let it grow a little longer (kind of a lob) so that when my rogue waves decide to make an appearance, it doesn’t ruin the look of a sleekly styled bob.

  6. Great tutorial! I just got a perm one week ago and learning to style!!! ❤

  7. looks great ! makes me want to go back to a perm. connie 🙂

  8. I am a curly girl!!! And I use cream gel nowadays, I used to straighten it for a few years and now forget it lol, I wash, gel, spray gel and that's it. I don't even defuse it. Love this video ❤️

  9. What you resist persists.. Started once again, styling my natural curly, wavy hair and I like it! Tired of fighting it, blow drying, using a curling iron. Never thought about not rinsing all my conditioner out. ?good idea. I like the Virtue brand. Thanks Dominique, great tips.

  10. Thank you for your tips and tricks! I fight with my curls all the time and living in our beautiful city of Houston makes it very difficult to embrace them! I’m going to try some of your ideas❤
    Thanks for another great video!

  11. I am a curly gal too and I remember as a teenager and into my twenties and early thirties all I wanted was straighter hair. Now as a woman in my late fifties and even in my forties I know how blessed I am to have the curls. I never have to spend time styling my hair. Wash, condition, and put a moisturizer in my hair once out of the shower….done.

  12. Wow, thanks. I though I was the only one that had a different layer of dry, frizzy hair lol

  13. beautiful person but nope don't like the curly on you.. I've always had natural curly hair. living in Maine I have summer hair and winter hair. like my winter hair much better.

  14. 2 products that I've used in the past that are brilliant at taming frizz are John Frieda's Dream Curls (can be found at Target) and/or BOING by Unite (found at hari salons or online). Spray to saturate hair immediately after showering, I usually flip my head over to be sure and get the underneath as well, scrunch then use a diffuser and hair dryer. Viola! Frizz free curls:) Cheers!

  15. Loved this video.. I am losing my hair at 70 yrs old. Can you give some advise on what to do? Thank you ?

  16. Could you please do an episode on the importance of posture? I see so many women with terrible posture (myself included). I’ve noticed you have good posture…it’s so important not only for the health reasons (can cause back pain, slumped shoulders, etc) but also as a way to feel more confident and strong. Thank you!

  17. 5:42:16 Let’s only take a minute to congratulate how many hours and effort he placed in the videos?
    It is great, and I consider they justify a lot more than that!

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