Fish Fry (Crispy Catfish with SUPER Easy Hush Puppies)

Fish fry is a staple of the Midwest. I’ll show you how to do it right with fried catfish and super easy hushpuppies. Click here to save 40% off Verb’s new MegaPack with my code BRIAN

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10″ Chef’s Knife:


Add 2-3qt/L (depending on size of pot) of neutral oil to a large heavy bottom pot and heat over medium high until it reaches a temp of 350F/175C. Oil should only come halfway up your pot or less.

▪2lbs/1kg thawed american catfish filets (sub tilapia)
▪100g or 3/4c ap flour
▪15g or 1.5Tbsp salt
▪5g or 2tsp black pepper
▪10g or 2tsp garlic powder
▪10g or 2 3/4tsp onion powder
▪5g or 2tsp paprika
▪2g or 3/4tsp cayenne
▪100g or 1/2c medium grind corn meal
▪100g or 2/3c finely ground corn meal (blitz medium grind in blender/food processor)
▪500g or 2c buttermilk (or sour cream and milk)
▪30g or 2Tbsp hot sauce

Cut filets on a bias so that you have pieces that are roughly the same weight. Set on a wire rack and salt both sides of fillets. Allow to cure for 20 minutes

In a bowl, stir together flour, 15g salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne, and corn meal.

In a separate bowl, stir together buttermilk and hot sauce.

To bread the fish, drop each fillet into the buttermilk mix to coat. Drain off well then drop fillet into dry mixture and coat well. Toss back and forth in your hands to remove excess batter.

Carefully lower filets away from your body into preheated 350F/175C oil, frying 2 at a time, for about 4-5 minutes flipping filets over halfway through. Fish is done with it’s crispy and golden brown. Transfer to wire rack or towels to drain why you fry the rest.

▪65g or 1/2c ap flour
▪150g or 3/4c + 2Tbsp med-fine grind cornmeal
▪8g or 1/2Tbsp salt
▪10g or 2tsp baking powder
▪10g or 2 1/2tsp sugar
▪2g or 3/4tsp cayenne
▪75g or 2/3c onions, small diced
▪25g or 1.5tbsp melted unsalted butter
▪1 egg
▪200g or 3/4c + 1 1/2Tbsp buttermilk (or milk + sour cream)

For the batter, whisk together 65g ap flour, med-fine grind corn meal, salt, baking powder, sugar, cayenne, onions, melted butter, egg, and buttermilk.

Carefully drop large spoonfuls of batter (working in 2 batches) into hot oil and fry for about 2.5 minutes, flipping over halfway through. Puppies are done when they’re crispy and dark golden brown. Remove from oil and drain on wire rack.

▪100g or 1/2c mayo
▪75g or 1/4c ketchup
▪30g or 2Tbsp hot sauce
▪20g or 1 1/2Tbsp yellow mustard
▪25g or 1 1/2Tbsp lemon juice
▪15g or 3 1/2Tbsp worcestershire
▪25g or 2.5Tbsp shallot
▪1 garlic clove
▪3g or 1tsp paprika
▪3g or 1tsp black pepper
▪3g or 1tsp salt

Spin ingredients in a food processor until smooth.

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0:00 Intro & prepping the catfish
1:42 Prepping and frying the hush puppies
4:19 snacking on Verb energy bars (ad)
5:22 breading and frying the catfish
8:50 plate up & surprise spicy mayo tartar sauce
10:00 let’s eat this thing

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23 Replies to “Fish Fry (Crispy Catfish with SUPER Easy Hush Puppies)”

  1. My grandma used to grate the onions for hushpuppies and strain off excess water from them so it didn't loosen her batter too much because she didnt like chunks of onion, but wanted the flavor

  2. I can't believe catfish costs that much now. Growing up down south we ate a ton of it! Along with fresh seafood (we lived on the coast) and crabmeat from crabs we caught ourselves on weekends–all what my father used to call "poor folks food." How times have changed ☹️

  3. Would it be possible to come up with a fish recipe that's meant to introduce a person that has never eaten fish. I'm looking into exploring past my comfort zone. Also, as an extra challenge this recipe needs to be made so that someone who hates fish could eat it. Thanks Bri, you have changed the way I eat.

  4. Takes me back to summers when my family vacationed on Lake of the Ozarks & my folks would catch enough catfish, bluegill, & crappie to have a fish fry every week for a couple months..!
    I'll be subbing in GF flour & making this ASAP! Thanks for the bonus hush puppies recipe?

  5. Brian, I have a recipe suggestion for you that I also made on the hummus video.

    It's a popular street food in Israel that's pretty easy to make and has an awesome flavor.

    Sabich (ch read like the h in hummus), an Iraqi Jewish dish consisting of a pita filled with strips of fried eggplant, hard boiled egg (I recommend boiling it for several hours! It makes for a brown egg with a more complex flavor), salad (usually chopped tomato, cucumber and onion) + parsley, tahini, amba (a sour/salty condiment made of mango) and possibly some chili pepper condiment of sort if you want it spicy.

    It's probably very little known over there but I highly recommend it.

  6. This is the recipe I’ve been waiting for!!! But I’m gunna have to unsubscribe cuz of the birks and socks!! Sorry man!!!

  7. Bri, you drive me nuts every time you fry something and then drip oil all across your floor taking the food to your island counter!! Set your pan right next to the oil and keep me from tearing my hair out! Seriously, nyour food always looks great. Your ciabatta bread is wonderful but that was the squoogliest dough I've ever worked with.

  8. Mouth is watering from the first shot. My family is huge freshwater fish Midwesterners and my father still says Catfish is Mudfish garbage. Gimme some fried catfish or some blackened catfish and I'm a happy camper.

  9. I'm impressed you had so many hush puppies left! To add to the naming thing Swai or Pangasius is perhaps better known here in the UK as Basa, usually sold frozen but you can sometimes find it on fish counters.

  10. Hey bri, ever tried frying batter of besan(gram flour). I've never tried using corn meal, we usually use gram flour batter for frying fish(fish pakora) at home and we definitely have a lot of vegetables coated in it as well (veg pakora).
    Ps if anyone couldn't already guess, I'm from India

  11. I had been considering ordering some Mississippi catfish fillets to reminisce about being a kid and fishing with my dad at pay-by-the-pound catfish farms in MS and AR. It got me into fishing and certainly eating fried catfish. By the look of your results with the breading and technique, this looks like a winner. Your hush puppies look dead-on as well, and who can resist those golden nuggets? Cheers!

    PS: I also remember cleaning freshly caught catfish andddd, well, not as fun (they have their own set of pliers for skin removal, not to mention the sharp spines).

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