How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

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Caring for a new tattoo will ensure your ink stays awesome for years to come.

Step 1: Remove bandage
Remove the bandage or plastic wrap placed over your tattoo two hours after receiving your art.

Step 2: Wash tattoo
Wash the tattoo with using a mild skin cleanser or soap every 20 minutes. This should be done for the first three to four hours after removing your bandage.

Step 3: Pat dry
Pat the tattoo dry with a soft cloth or towel after washing.

Tattoos will usually weep blood or plasma. Pat the tattoo dry between washings to get rid of excess fluids on the skin.

Step 4: Put on ointment
Rub antibiotic ointment onto the tattoo after each washing. After five minutes, blot any excess ointment or blood off with a soft cloth.

Continue to wash and spread ointment on the tattoo twice a day until the scab disappears.

Step 5: Resist the itch
Resist the urge to itch or pick at the scab that forms over the tattoo. Rub ointment or moisturizing skin lotion into the tattoo to help with the itch.

Step 6: Stay away from water
Stay away from water other than the shower or bath. This includes pools, hot tubs, lakes, and oceans.

Step 7: Limit your bath time
Limit your bath time to five or 10 minutes. Watch as your new artwork heals and show it off.

Did You Know?
In the Maori culture, a woman with blue, tattooed lips was considered the height of beauty.

30 Replies to “How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo”

  1. Do not listen to this ????????????????
    Don’t use a rough wash cloth. Don’t apply soap directly especially rubbing a bar soap to a fresh tattoo. Get the soap foamy before you just throw it on lol

  2. I carry all my tattoos on the inside…when you see then you will either go clinically insane or too can carry all you tattos on the inside..alls you need a special person to cut your skin so they can punish you for whatever reason they think is appropriate and then you get to carry those punishment..i mean tattos all of your wonderfull life…also be can never remove then for remove is difficult and will cause more pain… sure to come you to can get a free skin surgery so that people can look at you akward and either hate you for the rest of your existence…cut-and -whatever…it's a trend now

  3. Never use a sponge after just getting a tattoo it will remove ink, never use a towel which carries bacteria use a paper towel to dry off

  4. What's up with everyone complaining about using a towel … it's not bad to use it just Don't scrub just pat

  5. Your not suppose to use a cloth to drive either air dry or pat with clean unused napkin you buy a small napkin pack at the store

  6. Use paper towel to pat dry. Always wash your hands with anti bac soap before touching it during healing, like during washing. I couldn't find scent free anti bac soap to wash it itself locally so I used dove beauty bar.

  7. don't dry with a towel, if your towels are used daily they won't help with cleaning your tattoo. They'll cause further infection. Only use paper towels ????

  8. ONLY LISTEN TO THE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR TATTOO ARTIST- they did the work, they will know what will be best.

  9. This video is AWFUL. Do not wash your open wound tattoo with a sponge or rub it with a towel. It has MILLIONS of bacteria on it!

  10. -wash your hands before touching your tattoo
    – don't use any soap that has fragrance in it
    – don't use a towel to dry the tattoo, instead pat dry with paper towel
    – wrap your tattoos for the first three days in seranwrap unless your dry healing in that case make sure you know what your doing
    – don't take baths, quick showers only
    – don't pick at your tattoo
    – don't soak your tattoo
    – don't scratch your tattoo

    Please do your research before you decide to get a tattoo. This is a open wound and without proper care it will not heal like it should, from loosing some ink to bad infections.

    Hope I helped some people 🙂

  11. I'm getting a 1st tattoo at some point myself. I would like to know the best thing to do. can I plz have some help? I don't trust the video at all….of course I know not to go in pools and etc…but how exactly do i take care of it And keep the colors bright?

  12. NEVER EVER GO IN THE BATH WITH A FRESH TATTOO. For the same reason you don't go into lakes, pools, etc.

    However showers are acceptable as long as you don't let the water directly hit the tattoo as it is rather painful.

  13. let air dry! water can't have contact with tattoo until few days, a & d ointment put on when tattoo gets dry for a week then switch to natural lotions.

  14. Don't use a cloth towel on you fresh tattoo the fabric can get into the wound and you don't want that, instead use paper towels they soak water better and are cleaner …

  15. im Maori and…mayory is not how you pronounce that word(Maori) just saying

  16. never wash your tatoo with soap after its done it'll get the change to infect your skin just wash with soap in the next to days & Vaseline is the best aftercare

  17. Absolutely shocking advice! Shouldn't use a towel and you shouldn't bath! Just a quick shower and then pour a cup of cold water over it to seal the pores back up so the ink doesn't seep out.. 🙂

  18. so you have to wash it every hour in the first day? (wash should be done for the first 3-4 hours after removing the bandage)

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