How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down | Dog Training

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“Teaching your dog to lie down on cue is a great behavior to train your dog. To get started all you need is your dog, some really yummy treats to reward them with and a marker word that you’re going to use to communicate when they’ve done the behavior correctly. I’m going to us a nice sharp “”good”” to let Jack know when he’s got the behavior right.

You’re going to take a little tasty treat in your hand and bring it down towards the ground, sort of between the paws, good, the minute his butt hit the ground I said the word good to let him know that that’s what I wanted him to do and that’s what he was getting a treat for.

So from the seated position I’m just going to drop the treat down to the ground and then say good and deliver the treat. He’s following that treat down to the ground really easily so now I’m going to pretend there’s a treat in my hand and I’m going to see if he’ll do it without it there ,good, it looks the same as when I had the treat but now there’s no treat. The treat’s coming from the other hand, good.

Now I want to eventually be able to put this on a very visual cue. Dogs do really well with visual cues as opposed to verbal cues. They’re visual animals or body language based animals. So now I’m going to start opening up my hand a little bit, good. And this is called refining the visual cue, eventually I want to just be able to do this and have my dog get down, good, get down to the ground. That’s really great that he did that because that looked radically different than when we started. So palm down, good, and reward.

Once you feel your dog understands the visual cue, good, you can start installing your verbal cue. I like to tell people are you ready to bet your paycheck that when you give that visual cue your dog will go down? If so then you’re ready to install the verbal and then you’re going to say it first and then you’re going to show them what it means, down, good, if they happen to just do it you’re definitely going to reward them. But if they don’t, down, good, you follow up the verbal cue with the visual and that way you make sure your dog gets it right every time and that’s how you get your dog to lie down.

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  1. Anyone wants a fast way to teach and 100% successfull do this for all the training its amazing my 12 week chihuahua learned to sit first day and worked with 2nd day sit 3rd and 4th day was lay after 2 minutes he had it down 80% of the time he does it perfectly watch these videos from these ppl THANKS ????

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I thought my 12 week chihuahua this 8 times before he got it completely right and now 7 times out of 10 he does it also did it for sitting thank you i was having such hard time before as first time owner of my own dog also thought to my moms 7 month and 4 year old chihuahua the 4 year was relatives that passed so she got him and he didn't know anything now with your methods our dogs learning all kinds of things this is 100% success if you do it this way I watched tons other videos but thank you again keep up the good content im subscribed

  3. Myn wont lie down i did it like you but he would just stand up and try to eat it and he is getting older so it is a bad habbet becaus he is not douing what i want him to do and my dad might put him down if he doesn't listen

  4. I have a dog and she is 9 months she will not bring her head down i have tried it several times she just wont do it

  5. I did the video perfectly and my dog still won't go under my arm. She knows "sit," but either stands or raises her rear up, but she won't lay down.

  6. my dog know "sit" but when i put the treatment down it just title forward and eat it. How can I fix that?

  7. If it helps anyone i taught my puppy down by training on his bed because he lays there so I would reward him every time i said down and after he learned down I would say the command when he was in the grass or pavement etc

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