How to Turn an Old Book into a Secret Hiding Place

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Turn that dusty old tome into something you will actually use — a sneaky stash for your best stuff.

Step 1:
Select a hardcover book at least 1½ inches thick. Open the book and bind the first 10 or 20 pages with a paper clip.

Step 2:
Mix the white craft glue with water. Using a foam brush, apply the mixture to the edges of the non-clipped pages, holding them tightly together.

Step 3:
Use a spacer to separate the glued pages from the clipped pages and allow 30 minutes to dry. Add the weight to keep the pages flat.

Step 4:
Open the book to the first glued page and, using your straight edge, draw a rectangle, leaving a half- inch border around the edges.

Step 5:
Cut along the lines using your craft knife or box cutter. Cut the pages until you reach the back cover. This may take a while because you’ll need to remove pages in sections.

Glue felt to the bottom and edges of the compartment for a more finished look.

Step 6:
Apply the glue mixture to the inside edges of the cut pages and reapply to the outside edges to seal your secret compartment.

Did You Know?
The Bible is the bestselling book of all time.

28 Replies to “How to Turn an Old Book into a Secret Hiding Place”

  1. "Did you know — The Bible is the best-selling book of all time?"
    Perfect! Now I know which book to cut up!

  2. Use a bible and cut it?

    Someone dig me a grave, my family will cut me apart.

  3. Yeah we should not use the bible. We just need to buy a different book instead of bible…:(

  4. It didn't tell us to use the bible it sed the bible is the best selling book and its also a thick book so u could buy one and use that

  5. Bestselling books of all time:

    1. The Bible
    2. The Qur'an
    3. The Communist Manifesto
    4. Mein Kampf

    Notice a pattern here?

  6. The look on people's faces when they see that I made a secret compartment out of my Bible. . . priceless blasphemy!

  7. Wow just wow Howcast you say "mix the craft glue and the water" when all your jut using elements school glue fail!

  8. It makes sense it's the longest printed book in. History and still being printed today, they are also baught in mass for churches, so… it makes sense.

  9. when i mean entertained.. u have entertained the people who are reading the comments

  10. oh lovely, a nice religion fight good job "howcast" for throwing in that bible fact in at the end. you have really entertained alot of people

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