How to Use a Percolator Camping Coffee Pot

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Making coffee while camping using a percolator coffee pot will be a snap if you follow these directions.

Step 1: Add water
Add just enough water to the coffee pot to fill it just below the basket.

There is typically a mark on the pot indicating the proper water level.

Step 2: Add coffee
Place the basket and stem in the pot. Add your coffee to the basket.

Use 2 tablespoons of regular-grind coffee for each cup of water in the pot.

Step 3: Remove the pot from the fire
Wait until the water boils, and then move the pot to the edge of the fire. Allow the coffee to percolate slowly for five to 10 minutes.

Step 4: Serve the coffee
Remove the basket and discard the grounds. Now pour yourself a cup, and then another.

Did You Know?
About 15 billion pounds of coffee are shipped around the world each year.

25 Replies to “How to Use a Percolator Camping Coffee Pot”

  1. Hey, don’t just throw your coffee grounds on the ground at a campsite…..pack it in, pack it out.

  2. Prefer these for my coffee and a French Press for my tea. If I could do everything using a campfire, I would.

  3. I'm surprised he didn't mention the glass handle on the top. It lets you know when your coffee is ready. Clear liquid = water. Brown liquid = tea. Black liquid = coffee!

  4. Thanks!! In a pinch out here camping and never used one of these. I probably should have put the basket in upside down… ????

  5. You know you don’t have to fill the tin up until it reaches the bottom of the basket… the whole point of the percolator is for the water to *percolate up through the little straw/tube part in the middle and then spill over into the top part of the basket (which also has holes) which then drips down into the basket containing the coffee grounds…

    The coffee is actually very watery if you have to put enough water in there to physically touch the bottom of the basket .

  6. I would discard those grounds in a trash can. They will attract animals if you just toss them back in the fire.

  7. That is not how to make coffee in a percolator. Whoever giving those instructions obviously never made coffee in a percolator before….lmao

  8. Seeing all that smoke I couldn't help but think about that scene in Dances with Wolves "Only a white man would make a fire for everyone to see." ????

  9. I actually try to use some paper filters in my basket because of the fine grinds seep through some of the holes in the basket. Coffee grinds in my coffee isn't a big deal to me, but just a suggestion

  10. Just 15 billion pound of coffee is shipped around the world each year??? On 7,5 billion people, thats only 2 pounds per person. I drink that in around 2 months, and i usually just have 1 cup of coffee in the morning… If everyone who drink coffee drank as little coffee as i do, that would suggest that only 1 in 6 people drink coffee… Im not sure how many people drink coffee, but at the places i have worked, pretty much everyone drank at least 2 cups of coffee during their work day.

  11. That guy is obviously not camping. He is wearing a polo and khakis. How can I trust your advice if you can't even be bothered to create a realistic setting?

  12. Another dumbass video clogging up the internet with unintelligent drivel masquerading as 'informative'. This tells us nothing about how to actually use one of these, how to improve your results, or even how the damn thing functions. Any mildly useful shot of what's going on inside the pot has a dumb graphic plastered across the screen hiding it. Who gives a shit how many pounds of coffee are shipped where. Fuck off.

  13. A lot of people use them because we appreciate nostalgia and veer away from from traditional technology out of respect for the simpler ways of life…anyone who has had a grand parent or grew up with percolators tend to enjoy the time it takes to wait for their savory cup of coffee…its fun and old fashioned

  14. i use them all the time young lady
    you can buy them at the goodwill for a couple of dollars
    and sell them on ebay for ten times as much
    so apparently lots of people on ebay use them as well

  15. Most enjoyable cup of coffee I ever had was made like this at my camp, then enjoyed while splitting wood on a cool fall morning.

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