That's Why Most Erasers Are Pink

Have you ever woken up at 3 AM with a flood of urgent questions in your mind? Like, how do barcode readers work? How did bubble wrap appear? And, most importantly, is there a reason erasers are pink? Ok, they now come in all colors and shapes, but what about that classic bubble-gum hue? History’s got all the answers!

Do you know why when the first computer mouses appeared, producers referred to them as turtles? Or why paper money isn’t the most reliable form of cash? Or what product is perfect for bachelors? Interested? Then check out these really cool facts!

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What is an aglet? 0:24
A mouse is not a turtle 0:43
What a webcam was created for 1:07
Slinky in space 1:46
How fast bills wear out 2:17
A perfect product for bachelors 3:00
How bubble wrap appeared 3:24
Erasers – why are they pink? 4:03
What electric fans actually do 4:48
The oldest food 5:06
QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow you down 5:32
Velcro was invented after a walk in the forest! 6:36
Barbie’s full name 6:55
How barcode readers read the code 7:19
How about to rent a pineapple? 7:46

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– Ever paid attention to those metal or plastic tips on the ends of your shoelaces? They’re called aglets. They appeared in ancient Rome, where people made them out of glass or stone.
– When the first computer mice appeared, producers referred to them as turtles.
– The popular toy has been around for over 70 years, but there’s more to the Slinky than stair-time fun (and lots of tangles): its older metal version used to serve as a makeshift antenna for engineers and soldiers.
– A US 1-dollar bill usually lasts for only 18 months – after that, it must be withdrawn from circulation and replaced.
– T-shirts were invented at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1904, Cooper Underwear Company advertised them as a perfect product for bachelors who couldn’t sew or reattach buttons to their shirts.
– In 1957, engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes decided to seal two shower curtains together with tiny bubbles of air stuck in between. It was supposed to be a cool new idea for a wallpaper!
– When a stand-alone eraser appeared in 1916, it was made mainly of rubber and pumice. Pumice could be white or red, and the color of an eraser depended on the hue of this volcanic rock.
– Electric fans don’t actually cool the air. What it does do is cool your skin! The device speeds up the evaporation process, making sweat on your skin colder.
– Rice is the product people have been cultivating for the longest time: from 12,000 to 15,000 years. It first appeared in ancient China’s Pearl River Valley thousands of years ago.
– You might have noticed that some cables have chunky cylinders on them. These cylinders are called ferrite chokes. Without them, cables turn into antennas that can pick up and broadcast electrical interference.
– George de Mestral, the Swiss inventor of the popular quick fastener, once noticed how burs would stick to his dog’s fur and his own pant legs. This inspired him to come up with an idea of creating the same effect for fabric.
– Barbie saw the light of day in 1959. And in the 1960s, the legendary doll got a fictional biography published in a series of novels.
– Despite what I used to believe, barcode readers aren’t reading the black parts of the code but the white ones!
– In 1493, Christopher Columbus brought some pineapples to Europe. It became a symbol of status, and people who couldn’t afford to buy one, rented pineapples for a night to show them off at their parties!

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