How To: Use the 3-Piece Pasta Roller and Cutter Set | KitchenAid

Get started with your KitchenAid® 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set. Learn how to mix, knead, roll, and cut pasta dough for fresh, authentic pasta made at home.

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11 Replies to “How To: Use the 3-Piece Pasta Roller and Cutter Set | KitchenAid”

  1. I notice KA commercial model has bigger power hub slot. Csn this attachment use with ksm7990? Thanks

  2. What do we do when the pasta cutter chews up the grey plastic bars from the underside of it? Because mine just ate itself on the first use. 70 bucks well wasted.

  3. Great now we want a DOUGH DIVIDER / ROUNDER Impossitble to find an affordable option.

  4. Zmy pasta roller is an old hand rolled model and I want to change from ravioli to spaghetti etc

  5. After using my spaghetti attachment 4 or 5 times with no issues the dough started all clumping together coming out all wrong do you know what the problem could be ?

  6. Why didn't you show the capellini? I know why, It's defective. I just got my cutters today. The plastic pieces on the bottom keep falling off. I had to take the whole thing apart to clean and then try and fix it. Thought I did, then the plastic pieces fell off again. Is there a fix for this?

  7. My pasta roller/cutter arrived this morning. OMG what a game changer. We love homemade pasta and this is so easy and fun to use.

  8. How do you sanitize and get rid of the egg smell from this attachment ? My noodle recipe required egg.

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