How To Watch TV On Your Computer With The Free Firefox TV Add-on


This how-to video will show you how to watch TV on your computer for free with the firefox TV add-on. So for all of you who don’t have cable, this is for you! You can now watch live TV from just about every country in the world!

Firefox TV Add-on:

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29 Replies to “How To Watch TV On Your Computer With The Free Firefox TV Add-on”

  1. u my friend are the only person who fucking explained hopw to fucking do this propperly and for that u gained a like and 1 more subscriber thankyou

  2. i did hat.. it said you need some plugion… then took me o some unknown website… what should i do.. who to trust

  3. Yehaaa…. Finally I can watch TV right from laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the world. I Get Tutorial From Here >>>

  4. or you can just pay $49 one time and watch tv legally for the rest of ETERNITY here -> tinyurl(.)com/9lqgvr3 ….. also works on mac:P

  5. @ezzqoom yeah after all my searching for a cable replacement Im so happy with the setup I have now. this the most convenient way to watch movie on your computer all you need to do is get this software and have all the latest movies and tv shows check it out

  6. I bought an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), but tuned channels have a very good signal.

    If anyone is interested

  7. you are the one that convinced me to stop being lazy and finaly dowload firefox. thanks

  8. Unfortunately I couldn't hear you… It was annoying to hear yr music overwhelm yr voice. Although I definitely appreciate the info, I had 2 play yr video 6 times to understand: low voice & music over… Thx anyway.

  9. Does this work cause I wanna watch the game (leafs vs penguins) but I'm not at home yet I have my computer

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