How you’ve been getting pastry wrong your entire life – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Cherry Healey is learning how to solve a soggy pastry bottom when baking pies and tarts at home. She discovers that it is all about a pre-heated oven, a proper pie dish, rolling the pastry to the correct thickness and blind baking.

Inside The Factory | Series 5 Episode 1 | BBC

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28 Replies to “How you’ve been getting pastry wrong your entire life – BBC”

  1. “why would you use a pizza stone if you’re cooking a pie?”

    what does pizza mean in italian

  2. Seriously, if you can’t cook anything correctly, after trying for years… just, please stop.

  3. So with this way I can make perfect apple pies for my mom! Thanks for the tip 😁👍🏻 I love it

  4. If you suck at making Pie, leave it to the professionals. You can only learn so much. A perfect Pie comes from the soul. Deep down in your giblets. It's not something everyone, or even most people can do. Just walk away.

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