HUGE Kitchen Declutter & Reorganization!

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22 Replies to “HUGE Kitchen Declutter & Reorganization!”

  1. Yikes! I bought my Corelle (replaced Pfaltzgraff) from my neighbors' garage sale…$15 for the complete service for 12

  2. The video was great for me. I decluttered utensil drawers while you were decluttering!

  3. Dawn, you are so inspiring to me! I’ve been watching you for years. I feel like I’m always in decluttering mode. I have the same Corelle dishes and bowls. They might be a little plain, but they’ll always go with anything! Simple is always good ????
    I do love the Pioneer Woman stuff though too!
    Love you and your videos!

  4. Unrelated but those colors on that floral print shirt on you are gorgeous! You’re glowing!

  5. Put the pretty plate against the back side behind the bowls and plates. So you can see it better and make things feel more beautiful !!

  6. Or you could donate them. sad… wastefulness. Nope to target. TY.

  7. I love pioneer woman too! The ones you kept are the exact ones I would’ve kept! I have pioneer woman in my bathroom too I have a beautiful shower curtain. I was going to say but you’ve already done it the melamine plates from pioneer woman that are super cute and fun that would be fun to have and they wouldn’t break ever

  8. Funny regarding the tea display case. I decided to face facts on my giant tea selection, which I kept so I could be a "good host." But I'm not going to dedicate so much space for something we don't drink much of. So now I just have English breakfast tea, which we drink daily, and vanilla rooibos for folks who want a caffeine free option. I gave the tea to a friend who has a church group that drinks a lot of tea.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Corelle plates and bowls but I do have the blue designs on mine. It did hurt to pay that much for those bowls but I still love them. I love the cake stands!

  10. I love your channel, love that you are showing the reality of revisiting your kitchen. I get the ease of Corelli; love that you kept one pretty plate! I think it would be ok to keep your two pretty bowls as well. Not extreme!

  11. Great timing as I was tackling a switch of our computer from one room to another … I didn’t realize how much time it would take with all these cords and moving the internet… but it was nice for Dawn to keep me company and motivated ????

  12. To quote Dawn some days I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with it. I blame it on old age and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  13. Good job in the kitchen. I have only one thing to suggest, clean your toaster periodically. I just cleaned mine before putting it in a bin and off the counter to a cabinet. Wow was it dirty! Looks like new now. Try it!
    Keep up the good work, you’re amazing. ????

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