I can't believe it; growing potatoes on a pallet has so many tubers

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If you are wondering how to grow potatoes, this is a great idea you should apply
which is to take old pallets and plant potatoes in them,
The advantage of seeing potatoes in pallets is that it contains a lot of soil, helps the potato roots to grow healthy, has no weeds and keeps the soil moist very well, pallets are very popular and easy to make.
After 4 months of growing potatoes in pallets, you can harvest them to make many delicious dishes for your family. get started now. good luck!
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13 Replies to “I can't believe it; growing potatoes on a pallet has so many tubers”

  1. Excelente video, aunque me asalta una duda, porqué se ve que salen todas las papas o patatas del mismo tamaño? He visto plantaciones de papas y es primera vez que veo ésto.

  2. На рыхлую почву высаживаем клубни раннего сорта картофеля,ростки появившиеся на поверхности засыпаем перегноем с добавлением древесной золы, одновременно наращиваем борт гряды,при отрастании ботвы вновь подсыпаем перегной оставляя незасыпанные макушки растений и наращиваем борт гряды,проделываем так несколько раз…полив в засуху…результат примерно такой же…

  3. 비료주는 방법이 너무 깔끔하고 좋은 아이디어 같아요
    풍성한 감자를 보니 기분이 좋아져요^^
    영상과 훌륭한 아이디어 고맙습니다 최고!

  4. What a smart idea! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try this for myself! ????????????

  5. How do you see how to grow potatoes in this pallet? Ask me questions in the comments

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