‘I HAVE IMMUNITY’ Garland Explodes with RAGE after Trump’s SHAMEFUL ‘no jailtime’ d.eal in G.eorgia

‘I HAVE IMMUNITY’ Garland Explodes with RAGE after Trump’s SHAMEFUL ‘no jailtime’ d.eal in G.eorgia

18 Replies to “‘I HAVE IMMUNITY’ Garland Explodes with RAGE after Trump’s SHAMEFUL ‘no jailtime’ d.eal in G.eorgia”

  1. Well, why get madd or be shocked?? It DOES appear that thug trump has immunity! Just call it like we see it!!

  2. It’s insane they are getting away with what they have ! Disgusting this country has lost their minds

  3. Why no jail tine? He is going to ruin this country. He is a Narcissist and will not stop.

  4. Is this shambles of a Republican Party, just a party of criminals!? SO much corruption being exposed.

  5. Republicans in congress might be using default of the government as a way to stop the criminal cases against trump. I say this because trumps staunchest supporters are the ones not budging on the budget. If the economy collapses the criminal cases are disrupted. The irony of this is not one republican in congress said a peep as trump over spent 7 trillion in just 4 years. Trump and his bird brain side kick Kudlow never mentioned deficit reduction in 4 years.

  6. Typical of fjb groupies blame the others except them demonrats turning tables experts. Don't ever see the flip flop fjb mental capacity. Where are 6millions of brandon's illegals are they in the blue states learning to vote illegally for the 2024 election. Whoaaa no way jose' PRESIDENT TRUMP will be bacccck hasta la vista 2024.

  7. What I want to know, who is writing this Screenplay? A Blockbuster ????

  8. Justices and other bodies of the government should follow the same rules as the American public, anything over $600.00 should be reported. These nonprofits are becoming a real problem for our political parties with dark money contributions which need to be resolved by reporting who is receiving it and disclosure as to why for transparency. There should not be secrecy, if those expecting to do the dirt in secret is bold enough to hide that fact, they should be bold enough to disclose it to the American public. The underhanded tactics is out-of-control and no longer a secret but it's harming our economy because of American dollars being spent to litigate the matters that should be going toward the American public to sustain livelihood and pay for the high cost of the items related to inflation. The money for legal fees and empty congressional hearings need to be included in the spending plans and budgets then Americans can learn where the big bucks are being spent in big government. Afterwards, remove this cost and the cost of combative and catty legislation and it will tell America where costs need to be trimmed. We, as Americans are the ones that control the power of the purse through elections and the removal of those who can't seem to get along and communicate well without a lots of me, me, me, tin can garbage.

  9. Clarence Thomas is a national embarrassment. If he had any integrity he would resign. Does anyone think he has any integrity? I don't.

  10. It's going down and they shall fall too, these are very intelligent people that understand the letter of the law and they ain't playing or being stupid either.

  11. What????? So they get away Scot free? If they committed a crime, then they have to be punished else there is no deterrent to them doing it again!

  12. Remember when SCOTUS was LIVID about the Roe v Wade leak? Funny… Lying scum bags that need to be impeached as soon as we're done chasing the mango criminally insane narcissist to stop him from selling America.

  13. ginni thomas and her connection to kellyanne conway explains why they and trump are all corrupt

  14. They feel they didn’t do anything wrong. Signing your name to a document know it was not the actual elector is fraud.

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