Profitless Flippers Face BIG Issues on Fourth Flip | Flipping 101 | HGTV

A husband-and-wife team is on their fourth flip without turning a single profit. They hope their latest project in Orange will be their first success, but Tarek discovers water damage, foundation issues and a profit margin that’s tighter than expected.

Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa draws upon his enormous success from flipping over 300 homes to help novice renovators get in the game. He provides beginners hungry to make it big with a foundation to create profitable flips and avoid bank-breaking flops.
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Profitless Flippers Face BIG Issues on Fourth Flip | Flipping 101 | HGTV

15 Replies to “Profitless Flippers Face BIG Issues on Fourth Flip | Flipping 101 | HGTV”

  1. They did a decent job on the house but that kitchen is a mess. That post and stove area are terrible.

  2. I have to agree about the enclosed-ish stove. Makes it hard to transfer something from stovetop to countertop. I could imagine hitting the divider and dropping the pot on the floor.

  3. I don't think the walls by the stove would be good, you'd have to work around them to take a boiling pot of spaghetti off, for example.

  4. I don't understand the purpose of Tarek in these shows, he says like 2 things to them and thats it.

  5. What a massive undertaking. Such an overwhelming project. While the house and lot are huge and had a lot of potential, the design choices didn't do it justice. There's no cohesiveness.

    If it were me, I would have gone with all black and white or some other neutral palette. It's odd how she chose super busy tiles in certain areas, but then super plain in other areas.

    Having an all white kitchen except for that blue tile was a mistake. Not everyone likes blue and it made that odd area stand out in a bad way. The tile in the shower was just ugly. It would have been better to go with a black and white pattern that adds visual interest, but isn't an eye sore.

    The fireplace was super plain and looked underwhelming and unfinished. That should have been more of a focal point rather than the stove area. The tile floor in the bathroom was WAY too much. It's better to keep things more neutral and let the homeowners add their own touches. It's good to add texture, but not a bunch of mismatched patterns that don't flow together.

    The white tile in the pool didn't work either. While sometimes it's cool to do something different, that small white tile was just boring. There are a hundred better options they could have gone with. The staging in the house was odd and then there was absolutely NO staging outside. What a missed opportunity.

    The house is super nice, but walking up a cement walkway and having a mostly cement backyard looks outdated and boring. They worked SO hard on that house, but it might have paid off to at least get input from someone who understands design. Sorry, it was a swing and a miss for me. They probably made a profit, but it could have been awesome.

  6. They kind of went nuts with the tile—every room is different, so not much tying everything together. I liked the kitchen backsplash tile and the floor tile in the bathrooms, but not too crazy about the pool tile or the shower tile ????‍♂️

  7. I hate that there is no ending to this show!!!!!!! Dont make me watch something with no ending!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!!

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  9. Bathroom number two is such a great design and never saw it from any home renov before. Hope it can show us how much the house sell for

  10. Unbelievable that that pile of trash sold for 650K. They did a great job, though.

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