I made Carne Asada Tortas for SANDWICH SATURDAY #food #recipe #shorts

Recipe: https://moribyan.com/carne-asada-torta/

#shorts #recipe #food #cooking

23 Replies to “I made Carne Asada Tortas for SANDWICH SATURDAY #food #recipe #shorts”

  1. I’m Mexican and it makes me so happy to see people from other cultures enjoy Hispanic/Latin dishes

  2. Very good food! What country are you from, Pakistan? Thats where I am from

  3. Love all these recipes! The beautiful kitchen and the graceful way everything is executed.

    Cannot wait to make this sandwich In sha'a Allah!

  4. These social media cooks everything they make is the best thing they ever had.

  5. How do you not constantly drag your neck scarf in food? You must be very graceful!

  6. Girl for non Mexican You knocked it outta the park especially the Marinade ????????????????

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