I Made a Dress for The Met Gala … CHANEL inspired #shorts

Although I’m not on the actual carpet this year, heres to hoping that next year is my year! Your support has gotten me closer than I’ve ever been, so thank you for following along????

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22 Replies to “I Made a Dress for The Met Gala … CHANEL inspired #shorts”

  1. That is magnificent. Your vision is amazing and I look forward to seeing your creations at all awards and events. ????

  2. Just Wanted to know if you have any Teaching Videos on your Techniques on Sewing Couture Dresses and on Beading ? Thank You.

  3. I wish you could ship your products internationally!! I'd love to wear one!!

  4. I like yours way more than many that I saw tonight. You have a gift.

  5. this is absolutely gorgeous!!! i especially love the seams coming in to make a pattern with the stripes, looks so good

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