22 Replies to “Japan Vlog #6 w/ @NickDiGiovanni”

  1. 本当に私の母国に旅行してくれてありがとう❤️.私が住んでいる大阪でジグルケーキを食べてほしい。日本からたくさんの愛を。❤️

  2. Lynja When you done with traveling PLEASE combine all vlog and make it into normal video I really want to watch it full!

  3. Awesome That You Went To Japan But WHY DIDN’T YOU INVITE US ???????????? jk

  4. Try bazooka in Egypt in Alexander bazooka is not gun it's food like Chicken nuggets

  5. 私は岐阜に住んでます????お婆ちゃんに会いたかった????????????????

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