I Made Taco Bell's Secret Menu Foods • Tasty

Alix Traeger returns to Tasty to tackle a new challenge — trying to recreate Taco Bell’s most iconic secret menu items!
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29 Replies to “I Made Taco Bell's Secret Menu Foods • Tasty”

  1. As a Taco Bell worker, we don’t have any secret menu items because they only give us stock for what we sell and it’s not even on our screen????

  2. ✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝✝????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Alix: "Taco bell can be found everywhere"
    Me who knows it's not in my country: "oh, ya say?"????

    Glad Alix is back!!!

  4. Maybe she's right. We might merge in a drive thru, coz someone can buy a cheeseburger, and another person can buy the same. But I'm glad you're back and you're a great cook.

  5. It’s so bad! Anyone who actually cooks for a living is beating their heads against the wall. Be professional. Put your hair away!!! It’s not cute. It’s unsanitary, it’s gross. It’s in the way. It’s unsafe. That’s all I saw the whole episode. Not good

  6. Delicious ????????????
    Basically Non- veg version of Dal makhani-paneer Roti wrap for lunch boxes????

  7. I used to work for Taco bell back in the 80's and this is not how we do it.. (back when Taco bell used to actually cook) but i cooked 10 pounds at a time.. and we added a seasoned taco paste to the uncooked meat.. it helps break it down to the fine granules .. if you want Taco bell meat at home ask me.. 🙂 i do it at home to this day.. 🙂 you have to continuously stir the meat as its browning.. no need for an emulsion mixer at all 🙂

  8. Please come to Germany and show me the way to the Taco Bell. ???? would be nice to have one.

  9. i feel like just the waffle taco, (no meat no nothing) then add ice cream… yummmm

  10. You can't find a taco bell here in Mexico. But there is a store thay sell the seasoning, so everyone wins

  11. the comments being like "we dont have that here" i am surprised that in my country we have a lot of those fast food chains

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