I Opened The World's First FREE MakeUp Store


I really wanted to have the opportunity to give back to you all, by creating this concept and meeting you guys!

Thank you to all the brands that have supported me over the years and have generously gifted me makeup to help put this concept together to give back to you guys. Don’t forget to check then out so you can shop products from my favourite brands!

[Gifted By]

IT Cosmetics – www.itcosmetics.co.uk/
NailsHQ – https://soinvogue.com/product-category/nails/treatments/
Eye Candy – https://soinvogue.com/product-category/eyes/serums/
DrLipp – https://www.drlipp.com
Sleek MakeUP – https://www.sleekmakeup.com
B. Cosmetics – https://www.superdrug.com/brandshop/B/makeup
MUA Makeup – https://www.muastore.co.uk
Sjal Skincare – https://sjalskincare.com
RODIN olio lusso – https://www.rodinoliolusso.com
Revlon – www.revlon.co.uk/‎
Initio Parfums – https://www.initioparfums.com
Elizabeth Arden – https://www.elizabetharden.co.uk/Great8.html

Again, I want to apologise for the way it ended. We will definitely be doing this again very soon! – much bigger and better with more brands and in an even better location that will host you guys!

Thank you and love you always! 💓

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  1. I cant believe haters are even there in 2020.pls guys show some respect she is very astonishing women luv ya habiba😘😘

  2. Why do people go to events like this and act like they have no home training? It really sucks that the event had to be shut down.

  3. Omgggoshh how did I miss this? We need one in Sheffield! How did she manage with stock and it not running out?? ❤️

  4. I think that this is just so amazing and beautiful. I lot of people love makeup but not everybody has access to it or the resources to purchase it. Makeup is so much more than applying foundation and blending in eyeshadow, it’s an experience, it’s therapeutic, it’s expressive, amongst many other feelings it gives to people. You didn’t just give away makeup, you gave people the chance to become creators, you gave away confidence, and gave people the chance to be free. What you did may seem so minuscule to some, but you did something so huge that should be a regular event. Large makeup companies should work with people like you to do things like this in cities all around the world. I wasn’t there to personally experience this event, but just watching it has brought me so much joy to see that good, selfless people do exist to give back to the community.

  5. Is she Portuguese or Brazilian? Just wondering because of her name

  6. Should have done it in a 3rd world country where people struggle for luxuries

  7. I honestly think she didn’t know it was going to be this overwhelming! It was an ahhsome idea but there were too many people…..Same thing happened to me when I decided to give away free scarves! AN OVERWHELMING RESPONSE! So sis thank you for your kindness and I’m sure the next time will be ahhhmazing!! ❤️

  8. They all cannot afford a 20 Dollar makeup by themselves? GO TO WORK AND JUST BUY IT !

  9. I wish I could get free gifts….. I’ve never had gifts before even though I’m a mother of 5 😟
    But yr amazing! I will definitely subscribe you…. ❤️

  10. Ma Sha Allah,how beautiful you are,inside and out!!! How could i not have known about you?🥰 i saw this video in my feeds today and watched,omw, so much tears of happiness and the big heart rhat you have. May you be blessed!!!!!! I just subscribed, i started getting into makeup this year,so yeah, sending love all the way from Cape Town, South Africa ❤💄🌹❤💄🌹❤

  11. You're so lovely habiba and yes youre right it has been a learning curve for you and it will be better next time.

  12. Great idea…. do it in a sports field so there’s ample parking space & room.

    You have a good heart

    What’s the background music?

  13. So proud of you Habiba. May Allah bless and increase you. Love from South Africa

  14. You didn't anticipate it would end like this… even if you couldn't comprehend it yourself surely the people around you should have guided you. There must be some common sense lying around. It's free makeup!!! I'm surprised a fight didn't actually break out.

  15. Stop hating on her!! So what if it’s a marketing or promotional thing!! Good for her!!

  16. I want the make up tooo frm pakistan u r too sweet

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