I Want Problems, ALWAYS! | Ashville Weekly ep084

This week at Ashville we have THREE trains in, we follow the roll-on roll-off hook loader for a day and work continues on the bagging area.

Meanwhile, Daniel confronts the credit alert company, talks about people management and runs through the active Ashville Construction projects.

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16 Replies to “I Want Problems, ALWAYS! | Ashville Weekly ep084”

  1. Another fantastic video, a week in the life of busy ashville!!!
    Fantastic Dan keep up the good work !!!

  2. nice nice brilliant vid , but that machine back end shows a lot for the drivers it should not be in that state looks tatty and poorly looked after

  3. Michael O’Donovan and Daniel are legends , both make me laugh 😂 when they have conversations on the phone 😂👊🏾

  4. that credit reporting service sound like they are making up information; tiring to get themself off the ground…

  5. ho i never normally moan but u know the driver for the roll on roll off, he didn't have his seatbelt on it was plugged in behind him but was just on the seat not actually strapping himself in. time stamp 30:17

  6. How often approximately, are Liebherr there fixing machinery? It seems they're there at least once or twice a week which doesn't say much for the reliability for their machines. Surely there are more reliable ones on the market than Liebherr?

  7. Saw one of the Ashville Lorries (AS14 MUC) on Tuesday 17/05/22 in Purley Way A23. Good to see Ashville spreading its wings in South London.

  8. I love the train videos… LH60 is awesome. Just can’t wait to see if Liebherr actually comes through with the fix for it. Can’t wait to see unloading from the 2nd rail.

  9. I don’t know UK laws but I would definitely get in contact with a law firm about that financial company. A lack of research on their part is no reason to degrade and inflate fears of a well established company like Asheville.

  10. Daniel OMG ur laugh 😂😂😂 that laugh was me on Friday in my class 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  11. What does ure solicitor mate from the hse video make to that list? Defamation ain't it? Poss loss of earnings etc etc

  12. Random fact for Ashville / Quenns Park Rangers / Guy Ritchie Fans…

    Bullet-tooth Tony, from Snatch (the movie) his name is Vinnie Jones and actually played for QPR back in 1999.

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