If Among Us was in Stranger Things…


After Chad Wild Clay made “His Girlfriend Left… Now My Friend is NOT Normal”, Vy Qwaint created “LAST TO SINK on COUCH Wins but I Can’t Swim!”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “Using My Ex-Girlfriend to Make My Girlfriend Jealous”, The Spy Ninjas are playing Stranger Things Among Us! Chad, Vy, Alie, and Daniel dress as their favorite characters from the popular Netflix series: Eleven, Steve Harrington, Robin, and Eddie Munson. But wait, Alie also brought a special guest to play with them since they are missing Regina and Melvin. She brought her brother Agent Peters, who is dressed as Dustin from Stranger things! The team break off to complete tasks such as getting through the hive mine vines without getting caught by Vecna, playing The Puppet Master by Metallica, finding Will Byers in the upside down, naming 80’s items, shooting targets in Nancy Wheeler’s target challenge and eating as many waffles as they can in Eleven’s waffle challenge! The crew mates must complete the tasks without getting caught by the imposter. Who do you think the imposter will be? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2022!

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26 Replies to “If Among Us was in Stranger Things…”

  1. I love stranger things and it's me again I'm on my mom's family I love it so much I feel like watching it everyday I hope they come out with a new season oh yeah season 5

  2. is miss Regina and Melvin so much I which that can back to spy ninjas maybe that be a come back music video or Regina and Melvin like there ways a come back chad and come back Daniel and come back Regina but don't work out

  3. It’s not allowed for imposters to complete tasks so Daniel shouldn’t have won that

  4. When is Regina coming back to the spy ninjas I get really sad when she is not in the spy ninjas

  5. And I can't also be in a spy ninja video because I live in Ghana and I'm also 7 so I cant come and I have school tomorrow

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