'I'll testify' Trump BEGS Judge for 'forgiveness' and clean CHARGE after sending foolish deposition

‘I’ll testify’ Trump BEGS Judge for ‘forgiveness’ and clean CHARGE after sending foolish deposition

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  1. I think if he's mentally capable of it he should, Age as you will know doesn't always define the person So in saying that I wonder what Trump’s Excuse Is.

  2. The 3DA's need to break him take away all of his money because he has stolen money from everyone with his lie's

  3. Along with every other negative charge against trump or anything negatin his world it's a hoax or it's a lie or anything else that he wants to. Deny even when it's true( Just nonsense along with the rest of This things he says❗️❗️❗️

  4. God can take us home at any time, especially in America WHERE THERE IS A SHOOTER AROUND EVERY CORNER.

  5. Trump must never watch the News. or he would have been aware that a star called Harvey Weinstein had the same ideas, and is sitting moulding in jail…

  6. This is a man who caused a man to go to jail for him for 3 years he is a habitual liar criminal conman. Lock him up.

  7. Telling her friend about the rape was probably the best thing she did. Then her friend telling her not to repot the rape because Trump would bury her, the jury & the judge will certainly relate to that with all the threats Trump has issued to both the judge & the jury, and anyone who comes up against him. He's a Blatent coward all hat & no cows.

  8. Why is this rape case a "civil" case? A rape should be criminal case. I wonder how many women that was "his type" he has done this to. They should all come out and get this guy locked up in Riker's, then he will most likely meet bunch of guys that will find him
    "their type" in the Correctional Facility. Also, I hope Ms. Carroll has saved the dress she was attacked in for DNA matching his fluids on her dress to get this Orangutan locked up for good.

  9. I thought this case was over !
    The rape case !
    There’s so many cases need a score card

  10. Twumpoo is so upset. poo widdoo trumpoo. The bad bad peopoo dont like twumpoo. awwww. poo widdoo twumpeee….

  11. See what Donald trump said to her in threaten way was “ don’t tell the police “ that show he was attacking her for rape !!!

  12. Trump did hide those important documents that want to sell those documents for “ MONEY “ he is real criminal and cheater !!

  13. Narcissism seems to work in the other direction, magnifying odds that men will commit sexual assault and rapeAs these once-unpopular, often narcissistic men become more successful, he suspects that “getting back at these women, having power over them, seems to have become a source of arousalIndeed, experts note one last trait shared by men who have raped: they do not believe they are the problem..
    1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed, 2.8% attempted).4

  14. Trump lied again and again and again .
    Maga republicans believe that he will show up to confront Ms Carroll. What does that mean ???? ????


  16. Must be a shock to the orange blob that there are ACTUALLY INTELLIGENT and ETHICAL Judges that are not… Either For Sale… Or can be Bullied in fear of being dragged into the attacks he uses

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