India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war

The White House press secretary, when asked about India’s involvement in Vostok 2022, said that the US is concerned as the military drill in Russia comes amidst the Ukraine war. However, the White House press secretary further added that every participating country will make its own decisions, hinting that the US won’t interfere. India will take part in the multi-nation military drill hosted by Russia but will stay away from its maritime component to avoid hurting the sensitivity of Japan. The Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will take part in the drill in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan as part of the Vostok 2022. India, however, will not attend the sea drill, which triggered protests from Japan. The Vostok drill in Russia from September 1-7 is being closely tracked globally as it is the first major such drill to take place after Russia invaded Ukraine. Watch this report for more details.

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29 Replies to “India joins Russia’s Vostok ‘war games’; U.S concerned over military drills amid Ukraine war”

  1. Why concerned about India joining Vostok war games. Soon all African countries be included in those very precious war games led by our excellencies Putin, moody and xi ping.

  2. India has zero loyalty. It joins drills with both USA and Russia. Both Russia and USA will take neutral stand when India face any real war.

  3. i wonder how our government play both side for so many decade now maybe it's time to ditch oneside or we will lose them both…. as for me it's the us we need to dump not completely but keep a distance and focus more on russian federation given our history with them we must stick with them while having our sovereign right

  4. This is why US don't share Thier advance equipment to India coz they are double standard they are the true allied by RUSIA and china because china bullyed them they friends the US for them to have back up against china

  5. USA is big country with small minds. It will take them another century to learn something. Till then ignore them.

  6. if biden administration would stop for a minute the propaganda ""unprovoked brutal war"""
    then people could see the truth

  7. us concerned
    it means blinking and the another guy crapping pant

    amrica was so sure nato can dictate to everyone

    then voila overnight a nato countering alliance establishing
    usa has to see pushing more the ukrainien escalation will ending in WWIII

    because countries tired to see israel just waking up morning and casually go over iran and syria and bombing them without consequences
    if israel doing this to iran, then he could do it to other countries as well

    so this manner has to be stopped
    use diplomacy and leave out army

  8. A carrot and a stick on a master-servant-relationship between US and India. It must always be a total subordination under US control and dictates, unlike Russia and China which won't give a hoot to US demands. That's how world leaders are respected.

  9. India was anxious when you kowtowed to Pakistan for decades. Now please 🙏 have the taste of your own medicine and swallow your anxiety.

  10. Gli stati Uniti è bene che si preoccupino davvero. Tornino a casa loro e si risolvano i problemi gravi in casa cercando amicizia nei popoli e non nemici… tre quarti del mondo hanno rotto il cazzo dell'egemonia anglo-americana… che facciano un mea culpa
    The United States should really care. Let them return to their home and solve serious problems at home by seeking friendship in the peoples and not enemies … three quarters of the world have broken the cock of the Anglo-American hegemony … let them make a mea culpa

  11. Unprovoked and brutal war the USA says…. Yes that would have nothing to do with the 2014 American backed coup that installed the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and overthrew the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government there… Dementia or Hypocrisy??

  12. Bring back Trump and there will be no violation against US concerns cause nobody right now give a s* about BIDEN nor they care what he says or do.

  13. India keeps sitting on the fence, it is like chameleon, keeps changing color.😂

  14. There’s absolutely no need for india to attend these military excercise with Russia.Coz Russia has chosen China over india for future.

  15. India is very vulnerable for civil war. They must be careful. Don't fight with the elephant

  16. US is like that possessive bf/gf who gets insecure when their partner hangs out with others.

  17. India must Not interfere if there is Nuclear Exchange between US n Russia due to Ukraine war ?
    The following countries Need to become "Spectators" during the Nuclear Weapons Exchange :
    China , N. Korea , Iran , Pakistan,India ?

  18. I don't really understand india being a democracy why is it supporting communist countries 😡

  19. It seems like USA sees other countries like animals in their garden. These are BRICKS BOYS doing the same like NATO. It seems like Biden is too old to think.straight, his intervention is all over the world.

  20. Indian government should stop it's friendship with Russia they will definitely support china if war happenes between india and China usa is best Ally considering current situation

  21. Pakistan is US non NATO ally, one side it pretends itself as a India's friend and another side it is behaving like our enemy china and arming Pakistan,

    Never trust US and chiina

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