‘Broke my teeth with rod': Suspended BJP leader arrested by Jharkhand cops for torturing maid

Suspended BJP leader Seema Patra, who was arrested by the Ranchi Police a day earlier after a video of her house help went viral, has now cried foul and claimed innocence in the matter. The wife of ex-IAS officer Maheshwar Patra has been booked for torturing her maid. This after her domestic house help, who is a tribal woman, revealed how she was abused and assaulted by Seema Patra for the past 8 years. She even thanked the neta’s son, who told her story to his friend, whose father is a government officer. Acting on their tip off, the police rescued the maid, identified as 29-year-old Sunita and arrested Seema Patra, who was then suspended by the BJP in Jharkhand. Watch this video for more details.

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26 Replies to “‘Broke my teeth with rod': Suspended BJP leader arrested by Jharkhand cops for torturing maid”

  1. O God i don't know how a woman can do such like activity if she has a emotional and sentimental thoughs. If she attempts to assault and castigate someone then her punishment also should be very tough.

  2. Nowdays BJP leaders have gone crazy there is 1 more instance in UP where BJP corporator has been in involved in child trafficking. So sad to see

  3. I don't like any politician to be like this, instead of doing welfare but warfare… We don't want slavery practice anymore…

  4. How can someone be so cruel… it's unbelievable.. I'm feeling so bad. May god punish that evil soul.. she doesn't deserve to be called human.

  5. Strict, strong action should be taken both at political and legal level.
    She should be given similar treatment in jail.

  6. Time for BJP to take serious action against these kind of people and kick them out of the party.

  7. This is sooo sad
    Again why are BJP Hindus Soo violent. You don't see such actions in other Hindu countries

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