Instant shine for your hair

Hi Beautiful! Check out the Super Gloss Intensive Glossing Treatment:

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13 Replies to “Instant shine for your hair”

  1. I think you seriously need to get international shipping – would buy this and the colours in an instant ❤

  2. I need this soooo bad. My hairstylist recently did a baliage on me (it turned out very different from the picture but it’s still pretty) and it completely ruined my hair. It’s so dry and damaged and my curls aren’t the same so I will definitely be trying to buy this.

  3. I have to wash and condition my hair, then dry it all the way, then rub this in, and then make it wet again, and then dry it again? Mom would kill me if I used so much water in a day just for my hair lol

  4. Did you change the scent? My 2nd order smells different then the 1st

  5. i just cut my bangs on my own for the first time and it was a success!! i followed one of your video

  6. And this product doesn't just work for the lights and blondes my hairs jet black and it gave it EVERYTHING IT WAS NEEDING AND MORE

  7. Hi as Glamorous Monique I wear so many wigs and extensions can't wait to try it!❤

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