26 Replies to “Eggs Benedict”

  1. I've always seen hollandaise sauce as being very difficult to master without accidently splitting it
    P.s im a massive fan of your channel Kevmo & have been followin you for quite a while and alsays look foward to these vlogs coming out ????????

  2. If homer simpson was watching this he would say mmmmmmm eggs benedict what a treat ????

  3. Absolutely love eggs benedict! What's your thoughts on turkey devonshire?

  4. Showing off your skills here! Looks absolutely perfect. The poached eggs too.

  5. I love your simple dishes but it was so cool to see you make something so technical and complicated! top notch cooking kev!

  6. Hear me out- instead of English muffin, try a hash brown (potato pancake). Also I love adding spinach around the ham. Please try chef !

  7. I'd love to pass through where you live and buy us a hearty meal. You're awesome.

  8. I ate this at green eggs for the first time 2 weeks ago and I can't get enough of it. I think I had it 7 times since. This recipe will definitely help me save some $. Thank you! $14 for breakfast was too much. Usually plan to skip lunch on that day.

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