Is Premarital Sex Wrong? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru answers a student’s question on premarital sex, and explores how sexuality was handled traditionally in Indian culture, while outlining how society today needs to approach it.

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19 Replies to “Is Premarital Sex Wrong? | Sadhguru”

  1. Most of your desires are not really about yourself.
    You just picked them up from your social surroundings.
    This channel makes you Complete Human.
    If you Believe join with us.

  2. i don't think he answered the question. I thing he just said you figure it out…. such wisdom !!!!!!!

  3. One of the more important things Sadhguru said here is regarding how the initial euphoria of attraction always eventually comes back to normal and the goddess or god you thought the other person was, starts to appear as the faulty human we all are most of the time. the lover who appeared to you as perfect becomes less than perfect. It is then your love is tested and it is then you will see how much you were being brainwashed by your hormones and it is then you can decide if you want to love them by continuing to accept them for the person they can't help but be.

  4. This is the good point about Indian, spirituality, faith, and cultures are all harmoniously united and cope very well with modern eras, even with westernization

  5. I think I have seen this video 4 year ago. It's not new it is repeated.
    Ya I found it . It is a part of youth and truth at JNU

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